Gift of Answered Prayers…

You are the answer to someone’s prayer. Is that hard to believe? It shouldn’t be! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, handcrafted by God our Father. Anything made by our Lord Almighty is a gift. And that includes you.

As a mother, wife, employee, daughter-you are the answer to someone’s prayer. Your life may be the answered prayer of a mother whose womb has been declared barren. A man who has prayed fervently for a wife-you have met that desire. Your commitment to your job is the answered prayer of a supervisor who is struggling to lead her team. Your children are blessed by your presence.

Answered prayers comes in all shapes, sizes and objects. Someone prayed for protection on the road and a red light slowed them down. A farmer prayed for rain for their crops and a rainstorm came. Someone prayed for someone to talk to and their best friend called them.

We must have our spiritual eyes open so that we do not miss the move of God as we utter our prayers. Do we believe this truth?

If we believe the Word of God, then we must realize and look at the things of our life from a different perspective. A clutter house means we are blessed with the things we need. Those toys that you trip over are the children for whom you prayed. We must take a different look at ourselves as well.

Someone asked for you too. No matter your mistake, no matter the choices you made, you are the very thing someone prayed for. Continue being the amazing woman of God you are. Know that you are a blessing to someone’s life. Know that you were planted here for a purpose. You have worth and you are a gift.

Peace and Blessings

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