Wednesday Prayer Session!


Watch over the sister reading this prayer. Lord, we know that You are our place of refuge and safety, please keep this amazing woman safe. Lord, she is yours-may You show Yourself as her Father. Lord, she needs You-may you continue to supply all of her need according to Your riches in glory. Lord, she has cares and concerns-may you give her the desires of her heart as she delights herself in You.

Father, may she fall in love with Jesus each and every day. May Your Holy Spirit continue to guide her in all truth and understanding. And as she tries to understand what’s going on in her life, as she tries to understand what direction you have for her-may she lean not on her own understanding, acknowledge You in all her ways, and she will begin the right path for her life.

Father, build up this amazing woman reading this prayer to be a powerhouse for the Kingdom! Continue to strengthen and protect her from the snares of the enemy. May she continue to seek Your face above all else.

May Your love overwhelm this beautiful sister!

In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

Peace and Blessings

Joy in Trouble…

Almost sounds like a oxymoron, right? Joy and trouble seem to be natural enemies of one another, surely the two cannot co-exist, right? Well, the Word of God tells us differently:

The Lord and His infinite wisdom gifts us with joy in the midst of our anxieties and worries. Yes, sister, there can absolutely be joy in trouble. Matter of fact, the Lord tells us to rejoice in sufferings! Joy in trouble produces much fruit: Endurance. Character. Hope. (Romans 5:3-5)

Anxiety does not have to be the final diagnosis. Restoration, freedom and healing is available. Trouble is not the end of the story. Trouble don’t last always. Worries do not have to weight us down, there is Someone who will carry the load.

Joy is in the journey! As we progress forward despite the weight of the world, as we seek out healthy coping mechanisms and courses of treatment-there is joy waiting for us. The Lord is waiting for us with arms full of joy. As we seek His face, He is showing us that joy is available for all whom desires it’s fruit!

No matter what we are going through, His comfort can bring us joy. Yes, there is joy in trouble and it’s found in our Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Peace and Blessings

The Beautiful Exchange…

When we give the Father our cares, concerns, anxieties, worries and fears, this is what the Lord Almighty hands us in return:

We get peace. We get protection. We have a Savior who will stand guard over our hearts and minds.

This beautiful exchange carries more weight than any anxieties you can bear. This amazing gift is worth more than any care you may carry. The beautiful exchange saves our very lives and it improves our quality of life.

The Father desires all of our weight, we were never intended to carry the burden of the world-or our worlds.

Hand the Father your world and watch Him give you life.

Peace and Blessings


Have you been running on empty? Have you been wandering aimlessly? Have you just felt dry? Here’s a promise for you:

Surrender that dry feeling unto the Lord! Surrender that weak feeling to the Lord! Surrender that lost sense of direction to the Lord!

He wants to restore you, guide you, and give you that Living Water! He is here for you no matter how rough things may get. We must seek His face for his reviving water. We must pray to experience is refreshing presence. We must have faith that the ever-flowing spring is manifesting in our lives.

Your words have power, sister. Declare this promise over your life right now. Declare that your prayer life is ever-flowing, your finances are ever-flowing, and your joy is unstoppable.

And as we declare this truth, may we see our garden, our well-watered garden, full of faith, love, joy, and peace.

Peace and Blessings


What’s at the seat of your heart? Whatever or whomever is there, must be de-throned so that the Lord may take His rightful place. You may say: the Lord is at the seat of my heart. But are we sure? What takes up most of our time? What rules our minds? What comes out of our mouth?

Without our knowing, Jesus can be de-throned for: fear, anxiety, depression, family, friends, work, extracurricular activities. Our well meaning devotionals and Christian activities can also replace the Savior at the seat of our hearts. The good distractions and the bad ones-all can de-throne Jesus.

We don’t have to cancel the Youversion app or quit working out. We know that we have to care for our families and we have to work but these things cannot replace the Savior. All of our doings must flow from the Savior! The issues of life flow from the heart, but what’s at the seat of our heart?

It’s time to assess and replace accordingly. The Word of God tells us that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow:

The knees of fear. The knees of your family and friends. The knees of anxiety. The knees of sickness. The knees of our workplaces. They all must bow to Jesus! Envision your heart as a chair-who is sitting there? What is sitting there? Tell that thing or person that they have to go! We replace as we praise, we replace as we worship in spirit and truth, we replace with fasting and praying, we replace with reading the Word of God. From there, all knees will began to bow.

Fear, depression, and work all have to bow to Jesus. Their time of ruling and reigning is now over-no more Sister! No more will you get worked up over the silliness of others. No more will we get worked up over the reactions and words of others-Jesus leads and governs our being! Their rule is over!

In Christ, we live and move and have our being. Anything else must have a seat!

Peace and Blessings


Understanding whose you are is an important facet of identity formation. You, our dear sister, have been adopted as you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior. Let’s look to the Word:

Understanding that we are adopted, grafted into the love and promises of God through Jesus Christ is important to our identity as daughters of God! No longer do we have to search to belong-we belong to the Father! No longer do we have to pursue the love of people-we are loved by God Almighty!

This aspect of our identity provides us with a greater knowledge of our worth. Knowing that the Lord sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins helps us operate in this world that defines worth by income and outer beauty.

Sister, you don’t have to wonder about your worth anymore. No longer do you have to fight for attention. You have the Creator of the Universe as your Father-the only one who knows you in and out.

Abandoned by your father? Trust in the Ultimate Father! Left by your mother? The Lord is here to mend that brokenness. Betrayed by your friend? You are now apart of the family of the One who sticks closer than a brother!

You have been adopted-permanently, for all of eternity, never to be left again. Hallelujah!

Peace and Blessings

Side Effects of Trust…

It can be quite challenging trusting in Someone who we cannot see. Everything in the world tells us to trust in the tangible things and those things we can touch, see, taste, feel, and smell. However, trusting in the tools of the world can leave us feeling empty, discontent, and chasing after the wind.

Oh friends, but when we choose to trust in the Lord, the rewards-the side effects-are greater than anything we could ever imagine. Let’s look at the Word:

Joy. Peace. Overflow. Hope. Power: these are the side effects of trusting in the Lord! Much different than what we hear when we are watching television and the side effects of popular medications are read. The side effects of many of those medications include the possibility of death.

Oh but God! The side effects of trusting in the Lord includes life, joy, and peace! It can be scary to trusting in One whom you cannot see, but the effect of not trusting in the Lord just isn’t worth it!

Distrust in the Lord causes us to be a slave to this world and it’s empty promises. Not trusting the Lord leaves us always wanting more of empty things. Trusting in the world and it’s systems causes us to fear the future.

So let’s be a people who are excited about the side effects of trusting in our Father, He is a place of safety, our shield, our Protector. The effects of trusting in the Lord, our God will save our very lives.

Peace and Blessings

A Happy Ending…

Trouble, trials, and turbulence are our portion while here on Earth. Between the violence, the economic woes, and moral issues-troubles have no problem finding us. No matter how much we pray and plead, sorrow is inevitable. That is not the end result, however, as children of the Lord, we have a promise that awaits us at the end of the turbulent road. Christ tells us so, let’s look to the Lord:

The end is that you will overcome because Christ overcame it all! Trouble may be the portion but victory is the promise! Friends, this world is just full of sorrowful stories. Turn on the news, open up the internet-you will find all the troubles and ills of the world there.

But open up your Bible! There you will find the happy ending you dream of-Jesus Christ overcame the world’s ills. The end is that you will overcome too! There is a home in Heaven awaiting those who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our Savior achievements is our promise! Our happy ending isn’t found in retiring from a job in 30 years, it isn’t found in marrying the love of our life or becoming debt-free, our joy is in Christ alone. Christ is more than our happy ending-He is our joy-filled ending!

Sisters, we cannot let Disney or the latest romantic comedy shape our desired happy endings. There are cute and entertaining but they are not endgame. Victory is better than any movie that Disney can make! The approval of the Father is better than any story we will read! Sisters, we will cry and we will grieve in the world but because of Christ-we will win! Victorious living is our promise!

Accept Christ, and you too, can live happily ever after…

Peace and Blessings

Growing Through…

Are you going through? Or are you growing through? The thing about going through is that the destination is undetermined. You don’t know where you will end up. Growing through, however, leads to a positive outcome. Growth frequently means progress. Growing through results in enlightenment and revelation. Growing through results in a better you.

Growing through leads to a life built on Christ. Growing through leads to you looking like Christ, thinking like Christ, and speaking like Christ. Growing through makes you better, more refined, and wiser.

The issues of life will continue. In this world, we will have trouble-the Lord says so! But know that you are an overcomer! Know that you are more than a conqueror. Sister, you are not going through-wandering aimlessly or without direction, you are GROWING through! There might be tears, frustration, and pain but you are going to be better, stronger, and more determined when this is over. You are growing, cementing your roots in Christ!

So the next time someone asks you what’s going on, how’s everything going, or when you are dealing with a rough circumstance-tell them you are growing through!

Peace and Blessings

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