Reaping and Sowing…

We reap what we sow.

What are you sowing? What seeds are you planting? Are you planting the Word of God into your heart? What is the quality of your harvest? Are you trying to benefit from someone else’s harvest?

The Word of God tells us exactly what we should be sowing:

When we sow the Word of God, we reap discernment. Sowing the Word of God strengthens the quality of soil in which it is planted. When we sow the Word, we reap a stronger spirit. Sowing the Word leads us to our purpose and mission.

In order to reap revelation, in order to reap specific promises, direction, and guidance, you must sow the Word of God to build an intimate and personal relationship with God. We have all gleaned from those whom have sowed the Word for themselves: our pastors, our teachers, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, etc. however, in order to reap the harvest, you must sow the Word for yourself.

We cannot exist off of the harvest of others. The prayers of our mothers, fathers and loved ones only get us so far but there comes a time when we have to sow our own tears, moans and groans in prayer. The discernment of others only gets us so far, we must sow the Word for ourselves so that we are able to see who is of the Lord and who is not.

Your harvest should lead another to sow the Word for themselves. Your sowing builds up the body of Christ. As you sow the Word, you are able to fall in love with the Creator of the Universe. Sow the Word, reap joy, love and peace.

We reap what we sow, what are you sowing?

Peace and Blessings


This Christian walk requires boldness. As a believer in Jesus Christ, the world tells us that everything we believe is ridiculous and foolish. And we must turn our backs to the message of the world and submit to the message of the cross.

What a bold stance.

Boldness is a key characteristic of a follower of Jesus Christ. We must go against the grain and stand when the world tells us to bow: bow to our jobs, bow to sickness and disease, and bow to sexual immorality.

We must be bold. We must look in the face of everything that contradicts our faith and declare that we will believe God over what we see, over what they say, and over what they do.

So how do we be bold? How do we turn our backs to this world and it’s way? We visit the throne of grace:

Our boldness comes from the throne that sits our Father and His Son. The throne of grace is where the mercy and grace we so desperately need in order to be bold for Christ. The throne is where the confidence rests that is connected to our boldness. The throne is what we face we are trying to avoid the world and it’s ways.

The throne is our focal point. This is how we be bold. This is how we take our bold stance. This is how we focus on the message of the cross.

So continue to stand strong. Continue to press forward in a world that is calling you to compromise. Continue to follow the purpose Christ has placed inside of you.

Continue to be bold for Christ.

Peace and Blessings

How The War Is Won…

There is a quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” Henry Ford

Mr. Ford was on to something.

One may say there is a war waging now, whether you consider the war from the nature perspective, with regards to the protests and the pursuit of racial justice and equality. Or whether you consider the ongoing spiritual battle from the supernatural perspective. The war is waging but with a focused mind and renewed perspective, it can be won.

If you hear of those protesting in streets or in the spirit, they realize that the battle is bigger than them but it doesn’t overwhelm them. They realize that the victory will change the generations to come. Those fighting, in the natural or in the spirit, understand that their enemy will not overpower them. The warriors on the battlefield, naturally or supernaturally recognize that peace and communication are keys to the victory.

This is how the war is won.

Your victory or defeat will always begin in your mind. It is no wonder that the Lord exhorts believers to transform and renew out mind with the Word of God:

With a mind set on victory, you can operate from a place of victory. You are not ruled by your emotions. With a victorious mindset, you are not governed by your feelings. You will be able to develop strategies of victory. You will be able to see the hand of God in your battle and in the war.

Your adversary also knows that with a transformed and renewed mind, you are unstoppable. This is why the attacks frequently begin there. If you think you are nothing, the war is lost. If you believe you are inferior, your enemy becomes bigger. If you are unaware of your identity, the enemy will begin to tell you who you are. Without a renewed and focused mind, anger and fury rule and win.

Soldier, continue to fight with a transformed and renewed mind. Continue to remain focused on the mission. Know that as you wage war against your adversary, it can be won.

Transform and renew your mind-the battle is first won there.

Peace and Blessings

The Gift of the Calling…

Do you ever find yourself nervous about losing something? For some of us, we repeatedly check our pockets for our phones, wallets, keys, etc.? For others, it’s deeper and they live in fear of losing their home or job. And most of us are nervous about losing those whom we love.

In the natural, there will be people and things that we end up losing. It’s all temporary anyways. And not that we shouldn’t care for those whom we love or be good stewards over the things entrusted to us. However, we must remember that the gifts of God will last forever and those blessings stretch beyond the natural. God is not a liar and therefore, He does not take back what He’s so graciously provided. The Word tells us so:

Aren’t you thankful that the Lord doesn’t take back what He has so graciously provided? Our past, our choices, or decisions does not affect the fact that we have been called. His gifts are given without repentance.

Therefore, since God does not take back His gifts, we should not be ashamed to use them nor should they be mismanaged. Your gifts and calling are not solely for you. They are here for the lost. The Lord has need of you, my friend. You have been gifted to enhance the kingdom of God. Use your gifts for the Lord. Your calling will lead you and others to Christ.

You have been called by the Lord to do His work. Do not worry about losing your gift of prophecy or the gift of evangelizing. It is yours. But do not allow it to collect dust, you will have to answer for your inaction.

Answer the call. Use the gift. And may God get all of the glory.

Peace and Blessings

Stormy Weather…

The old adage, “when it rains, it pours”, often times reigns true. When you are driving in the rain, it seems never-ending and depending on the amount, can be scary. When you are waiting for the rain to end, it takes forever.

The disciples found the stormy weather in Mark 4 very nerve-wrecking. The wind was whipping vigorously and the waves were devastating: And a great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling.” Mark 4:37

This storm, however, was different because Jesus, the Prince of peace, was resting calmly in the back, napping. Jesus rebuked the wind and waves and went back to business as usual.

We all experience stormy weather. We, like the disciples, as believers in Jesus Christ, also have the Prince of peace, resting calmly in our lives as we go crazy. Our reaction to the storms of life testify of our faith in the Prince of peace whom is resting in our own boats. So why then do we fret and start to panic when encountering stormy weather? The questions Jesus presented to the disciples is the questions we must consider as well:

“He said to them, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” Mark 4:37

We can not afford to let the stormy weather defeat us. Operating with the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, we can command the winds and waves to calm down. We are able to speak to that storm and let it know that the Prince of peace is with us and that He is where our faith lies.

Have faith in the midst of the storms of life. Believe in the author and finisher of our faith. Believe in His power and authority. Believe in His commitment to your victory over the storms of life. We must learn from the disciples on the boat. They chose to fret, we must choose to stand. Jesus is with us.

Let’s put our trust whom has saved us from the stormy weather time and time again:

Peace and Blessings

Thy Will Be Done.

We all have plans, desires, wants and needs. We have, a will, essentially. And our will usually prevails.

You want chocolate? Usually, you get chocolate. You want to buy a home? Usually, that’s accomplished. You desire a vehicle? If resources permit, you will get a car. And the list goes on. Your will is usually done.

But what about Thy Will, the Lord’s will?

Thy will be done is a stretch beyond ourselves. Thy will being done is often times a prick on our flesh. Thy will being done is all about us decreasing and the Lord increasing. Thy will requires sacrifice, submission, and obedience. Thy will be done is about accomplishing the plans of God’s kingdom.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the chocolate, desiring the house, and wanting the car but let’s ask ourselves, will God’s will prevail? Will we seek His plan more than ours? Are we willing to sacrifice it all for the Lord?

We have an amazing Father who wants to give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4) but first we must first delight ourselves in Him. We don’t have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with us, He knows the flesh has desires but His will must be done.

Will we echo the cry of Jesus or yield to our own will? The answer has been made available to us:

Thy will being done produces fruit for generations to come. Thy will is more powerful and life-changing than anything we can think of with our limited nature. Thy will be done is a scary, dangerous, and downright nerve-wrecking decision. It can require you to give it all up. It may charge you to launch out in a way that intimidates you. However, God’s will being done will change your life and places you under the protection of the Father.

With boldness or fear and trembling, may we all cry out: nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.

Peace and Blessings

Heart Healthy Diet…

There are specific foods that are good for the heart: Green veggies, whole wheat, berries, fish, and the list goes on. A heart healthy diet also includes stress management and exercise. The attention that the heart receives is vital because if it stops, we stop.

This natural fact is also a spiritual truth. The heart is of great importance because the “issues of life flow from it” Proverbs 4:23. So how do we maintain a healthy heart in the supernatural?

We stand guard: The heart is delicate and must be protected at all times. We can control what penetrates the heart by guarding our ear and eye gates. We must be careful in what and who we are listening to and what we are watching. Has listening to a sad love song ever made you sad? The heart wasn’t guarded. Have you ever watched something aggressive made you feel some type of way? You weren’t guarding your heart.

Weigh the weight of our words: The words we say and the words we digest affect the condition of our heart. There is “life and death in the power of the death” and to maintain a healthy heart, we must be mindful of the words we say. “Anxiety wears the heart down but a kind word cheers it up” Proverbs 12:25.

Choose Crosses Carefully: Ask yourself, is the cross you are bearing, yours to bear? Sometimes we try to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, which destroys the heart. The burdens of the world were never intended for our shoulders or our heart. The cares of our world should be placed at the Lord’s feet.

Maintaining a healthy heart creates a space for the Lord to plant His purpose, His will, and His mission for our life. Having a healthy heart purifies the wellspring of life. A healthy heart is the good soil needed to hear and understand God’s Word.

If you find your needing a healthy heart, anchor yourself here:

Peace and Blessings