The Breaking…

Ever held a glow stick? In order for it to glow, what do you have to do? You must break it!

You, my friend, are no different! For your light to shine? You must break! Break those old habits, break away from those toxic relationships, and break that train of negative thoughts. You must be broken!

When we are broken, we are able to be used by the Lord for His work! Brokenness brings us closer to our Savior. Brokenness is the key to unlock our true purpose in Christ! Brokenness leads us to wholeness. Brokenness guides us to the arms of the Savior. Brokenness leads to humility and allows us to experience God’s grace and mercy!

Dear friend, the Lord does not despise your brokenness, quite the contrary! Your point of humility, that point of surrender that brokenness brings us to positions us to be used by the Father! This is where we shine! Our weaknesses positions us to be used for His glory and our good! In our weakness, He shines! We were at that point of being down and out, we are able to truly experience the might of God’s power!

Surrender your broken pieces unto the Lord. He will mold them together in a way that you could never imagine. Your broken heart will be the tool used by the Lord to increase your capacity to love, to have compassion, and to experience joy.

Do not forsake the breaking, our friend, the Lord is going to make you shine!

Peace and Blessings

Weary One…

Dear friend, 2020 has been quite the year! And we can imagine that it has left you feeling tired, worn, and downright weary. With the increasing amount of uncertainty, it makes it hard to keep fighting that good of faith.

Fret not, weary one-you have the Lord on your side! Our Lord, the conqueror of death is right there with you! Your fight is not in vain! Feeling weary? Feeling exhausted? Run to the Word of God! Scripture tells us that we shouldn’t get weary in well doing:

Did you hear Him? Don’t give up! Your harvest is right around the corner, your deliverance is right around the corner, your freedom is right around the corner! Weary one, we know it’s tough and it feels like you are in a season of drought. Keep fighting, the rain is coming!

The planting is tough because you are unable to see the breaking of the ground. It’s difficult because you are unable to see that growth is occurring. You get tired of watching, you get tired of waiting, you are ready for the breaking! Stand firm, the breaking is coming! Stand on faith! His faithfulness withstands the test of time.

Be driven, not by what you see but what He said! Don’t forget those promises He has whispered to you. Sis, they are manifesting! This is NOT the time to give up! Quite the contrary, this is the time to go hard! This is the time to press forward. This is the time to rejoice. The ground may not appear to be broken, but trust in Him, the harvest is on the way! Wait for that petal to sprout, your hard work is not in vain and God is not a man that He should lie. The beautiful field will appear at the proper time!

Weary one, go before your Father, receive His rest, experience His joy, and release those burdens. Once you do, stand up and continue to do good, the harvest is coming.

Peace and Blessings

The Complexity of Love…

I love you. The powerful words…

The world’s version of love says: what can you do for me? The world tell us that we can make love out of wedlock, that love comes with a certain price tag, and that love never makes us cry. That cannot be further from the truth!

For believers of Christ, God is love. Love is service. Love is priceless. And love requires death. The Word of God tells us that love is sacrificial. Love is not self-seeking. Love is patient and kind, it is not rude. Love keeps no record of wrongs. God’s love presents very differently than the world’s version.

The best example of love is found here:

Yes, John 3:16 is everywhere. Maybe it’s tattooed on someone’s arm, on the back of cars, or on the side of a fast food cup. However, we cannot become desensitized to the truth of this amazing action. This is where love is born-not in a slow song, not by Hallmark, or the most expensive ring in Tiffany’s. Jesus’s finished work is love and that love required blood, sweat, and tears.

Friends, much action is required to love one another. Think about all the work it took Jesus to die on the cross for us! Our Savior is the very reason why love is an action word! This is why we must be concerned about what we can do for others, not what they can do for us. Love makes us feel warm and cuddly on the inside but it takes work, hard work. In order to love, we must die to ourselves.

We proclaim that we love the Lord. A powerful question was posed in a fellow blogger’s post: “Lord, what can I do for you?” This is most powerful demonstration of love for our Father. Our willingness to serve Him, our desire to please Him, and our longing to be near to Him gives us the strength to love others.

When we love Him, He fuels us to love others. This, dear friends, is the complexity of love: Without His love, we are incapable of love. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Peace and Blessings

Lay It Down…

Remember peer editing from grade school? You would switch papers with your peer and they would edit your work? Some teachers would let you pick your peer, others would pick the peer for you. Sometimes the comments were nice and sometimes they were not.

In other words, you chose to be offended. That’s right, being offended is a choice! That’s a hard pill to digest because people can be downright mean and our feelings may even be justified but our response to the situation can make all the difference.

Offenses are thrown at our feet everyday. Someone cuts us off in traffic, another criticize our method of doing something, and some folks are in a bad mood so they are simply determined to make us feel bad as well. What remains is that the choice to be offended is yours. Will you transition the criticism to constructive feedback? Will you show grace and let that person who wants to cut you off in traffic into your lane? Will you pray for that person who have a bad day?

The answer is naturally found in scripture…

As the offense lay at your feet, choose to leave it there. And if you picked it up, lay it back down! We must consider the root of an issue before we respond. Is the person having the bad day in need of prayer? Could the constructive feedback give us a new way of doing the task? The person rushing and cutting folks off in traffic could be rushing to get to a loved one. While it’s not right for people to be mean and cruel, we must know that our response can be the catalyst for change!

Picking up the offense is easy and it gives us permission to moan and complain about someone doing us wrong. However, once it’s done, what’s next? However, choosing to lay down the offense can bring someone to Christ!

Your choice to forgive and to overlook an offense demonstrates the power of God at work in you and can draw someone to Christ! Forgiveness can accomplish more than being offended. We must lay it down-lay down the hurt, lay down the pain, lay down the offense!

Whatever you do, do not take the offense!

Show those who seek to offend you how strong you are by laying down the offense! Demonstrate to those who are out to offend that God has transformed and change your life and the old self is gone away! Your extension of forgiveness is a powerful witnessing tool. The extension of grace just shows how much grace has been extended to you by the Lord Almighty!

Lay down that weight of offense, my friend, it is not yours to carry.

Peace and Blessings

Stay the Course…


We know the road has been tough, full of disappointments and disruptions but we want you to stay the course. Your loved ones, those who are coming up behind you, generations to come are depending on you to stay the course! Staying focused helps you meet the goal, the course will shape your identity and define your purpose. Staying the course will lead you to Christ. Friend, you must stay the course.

You can make it! You will get through! With God, ALL things are possible. And with God, you can stay the course. It’s not about who finishes first but it’s all about who endures to the end. Will you hop over the hurdles? Will you ignore the distractions? Will you let those things and people that stand in your way be the fuel you need to propel forward? Your race matters to the kingdom of God. Your race helps us all make it to the end! You are not alone, your family in Christ are right there with you!

Listen, stay the course! Set your sights on the finish line! Let the exhortation of Paul be your motivation:

The road is long and hard. It gets tough. Friends leave you. Family can hurt you. You have to sacrifice and forsake those things that feel good to your flesh. But it’s all worth it in the end! We can guarantee that the prize is greater than the pain. We can guarantee that the promise will manifest. We can guarantee that victory will be yours. The guarantee isn’t in this world or in your capabilities, the guarantee is in Christ Jesus, our Lord!

When it is all said and done, staying the course and completing the task will yield this beautiful result:

“…Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” Matthew 25:23

Stay the course, sis! It will all be worth it in the end!

Peace and Blessings

The Beauty of Our Feet…

It’s sandal season right? Even in the midst of COVID 19, women all over the world are making sure that our toes are ready to be shown! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

We must remember that our feet serve a bigger purpose than being wrapped in the cutest sandals we can find. Our feet are used to deliver information. Our feet are used as tools of guidance, leading us in the direction we decide to go. Are we using our feet to bless or curse? Are we using our feet for gossip or goodness? Are our feet being used to flee evil or run to it?

Scripture tells us the direction in which our feet should go:

We cannot miss the spirit function of our feet. The Lord in His infinite wisdom have designed our bodies with specific intentionality. How beautiful are your feet? Do you bring good news? Do you publish peace? Do you publish salvation? How beautiful are your feet?

It is our mission to remember the beauty of our feet. It goes beyond wearing designer sandals or making sure that you have on polish. The Word of God reminds us that our feet should be the tools we use to deliver comfort, to promote peace, and to extend joy. We must preach the Gospel and our feet are the tools used to do so!

This extends beyond the physical presence of feet, this is about the spiritual function of our feet! We cannot miss the exhortation, our whole bodies, even our feet, are used to the glory of God. Think about the last call you received from a friend? Did you encourage one another! Did you deliver the good news to one another? Or was it to gossip? Did you promote peace?

How beautiful are your feet?

Peace and Blessings

The Hands of the Lord…

Ezra repeatedly mentions how the “hand of God” was upon him as he was leading the third group of exiles back to Judah/Jerusalem.

If you have a little one or perhaps have cared for one, think about why you have your hands on them. Perhaps you are guiding them as they are learning how to walk, perhaps you are teaching them how to do an activity, or maybe you are simply showing them that you care for them. Either way, your hands signified love and direction.

This was true for Ezra and this is true for you. Ezra 7 details how the “good hand of his God was on him”. This hand gave him the confidence to ask for what he needed to get back to Jerusalem. He was provided with confidence, courage and provision for the journey. This is how you know that Ezra was headed in the right direction.

Ezra’s story is also proof on how you will know that the Lord has His hands on you. You will receive the courage you need, you will receive the confidence you need, and you will receive the provision you need for your journey! You will receive the favor of “kings” because the good hand of the Lord, your God, is upon you!

His hands lets you know that you are in His plan.

You are protected with the hands of the Lord. His hands will protect you from the snare of your enemy. His hands shield the fiery arrows that frequently come your way. You are loved with the hands of the Lord. Just like your hand was held by your caregiver and loved one, you are guided by the hand of the Lord, your God.

As you walk in His purpose and plan, you are led by His hand.

Peace and Blessings