Praying Power…

You, my friend, have praying power! Yes, Sister Johnson may scream and shout. Yes, Sister Smith may speak in tongues. Neither of those ladies nor any other prayer powerhouses in your life takes away from the power that YOU possess!

The enemy wants you to believe that your prayers won’t be heard. He wants you to believe that God does not care about you or your prayers. He is a liar, please do not fall for his schemes. The less you pray, the further you are away from God.

Keep praying, continue to seek God. Your prayers ARE changing things! Your prayers is changing YOU! Healing, deliverance, and restoration are found in your prayers. Salvation, forgiveness, and mercy are found in your prayers.

Sisters Helping Sisters would like to give you the opportunity to use your praying power! On Saturday, February 29th at 9am EST, we will be holding a prayer call. This serves as a time to pray for the sisters in our lives as prayer is the most important step in helping others! Join in if you can! The number is (425) 436-6200 and the access code is 827208. All we ask is for you to have a prepared heart and the name of one lady whom you would like to prayer for. It can absolutely be your name!

If you can’t join in, let us know how we can pray for you! You can drop your requests in the comment section or feel free to send us an email at

Peace and Blessings

Weight of Your World…

Women, because of their caring and nurturing nature, often times bear the weight of the world-or at least the weight of their world. And while admirable, that is not the will of God for you. Let’s turn to the Word:

“You and the people with you will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you. You are not able to do it alone.” Exodus 18:18

Sis, you are mighty and marvelous, amazing and awesome, however, you were not created to carry the weight of the world, or your world, on your shoulders. You are not strong enough to carry the weight of your world. You, lovely in every way, are no one’s savior.

You were created to submit. You were created to cast the burdens of your world at the feet of Christ. You were created to trust in His plan, His way, His will. You were created to wait and not to worry.

You were never created to do this alone. Lean on God and His understanding. Connect with your support system. You and your beautiful and broad shoulders are not equipped to carry your world on them. So cease and desist. Know that the Lord is more than capable to handle the cares of your world.

So, dear friend, take that weight you are bearing and place it at the feet of your Savior. You cannot run the race with weight of the world attached to you, be free.

Peace and Blessings


The function of an anchor is to hold a ship or boat in place. This prevents the ship from being tossed or destroyed by the winds and waves. Oxford Dictionary states that an anchor can either be temporary or permanent.

What’s anchoring you? Is it temporary or permanent? Are you even anchored? Perhaps as the winds and waves of your life occur, you are tossed, become tattered, and possibly destroyed or broken.

Is your career anchoring you? Is it your family? Is it your friendships or relationships? How about the amount in your bank account? Examine your anchor, honestly and thoroughly. If your anchor can be destroyed, it is temporary. And if it is temporary, it can only bear so much before it also is destroyed.

Consider the permanent anchor offered in the exhortation from Hebrews 6:19…

As believers, we have created with an Anchor for our souls. The hope and reality of Christ withstands any winds or waves that may come our way. He is as permanent as it gets. You will retire from your career. Christ stands. Relationship ends. Christ anchors. Money gets. Christ doesn’t.

Who anchors you? As you consider your options, consider Christ.

Peace and Blessings

What’s in your hand?

“The LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” Exodus 4:2

Humans tend to operate from a deficit perspective, always quick to number and identify what is in lack. Mighty Moses, who would go on to lead the children of Israel, was also overly concerned with his perceived deficits. The Lord was not concerned with his lack but with the content of his hands. God will use Moses’ staff to perform one of the greatest miracles chronicled in the Bible.

Consider this perspective, what is in your hand? The same question that the Lord asked Moses, he is asking you! God is very aware of our deficits, our weaknesses, and the items we lack. After all, He is our Creator! However, let’s not be consumed with what we do not have and focus on what we do have. God can use our perceived “little” to do much!

Use what’s in your hands and watch your cup overflow. Use what’s in your hands and split your raging seas. Your desire to write, your passion for teaching, your degree in marketing—all can be tools for the kingdom of God! Your love for crafting can lead others to Christ. Your love for cooking can produce joy.

As you surrender all of who you are to Him, He will establish the work of your hands….

So sis, consider this, what’s in your hands? Now, surrender it to God and watch Him use it for His glory and your good.

Peace and Blessings

/pərˈfekt/ beings…

Perfect, adjective, /ˈpərfikt/: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
Perfect, verb, /pərˈfekt/: make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

Many believers attach themselves to the adjective form of perfect. Some, unfortunately, think that perfect is shouting right, singing on key, and having the flyest church hat. Those things are nice but they will not get one into heaven. Perfection can only be ascribed to One being and that is definitely not us while in this world and in this flesh.

We, dear friends, are /pərˈfekt/ beings. By the blood of Jesus Christ, we are made completely free from faults or defects. No matter how fly your hair is, no matter how great your job is, perfection is not the goal, being perfected should be! Christ perfecting you is all about His sacrifice, His ministry, and His love. There is no amount of perfection that can be obtained outside of the Master’s hands. There is nothing in this flawed world that can create you into a perfected being.

Being the /ˈpərfikt/ Christian is not the same as being perfected. Being a perfected Christian is all about laying yourself at the feet of Jesus, crying out to Him to be made whole and complete. It is all about humbling yourself before the Father, leaning on Him for all of your needs. Being perfected, is all about Him increasing, and you decreasing.

Subscribe to the verb form of perfection. Allow Christ to do His perfect work in you and through you. It’s not about having the right clothing on, it’s about what you are clothed with. Being a perfect being is not about outward beauty, it’s about inward beauty.

Don’t get caught up trying to be perfect, be willing to be perfected. What He starts, He completes.

Peace and Blessings

Glued Together Masterpiece.

If you think back to grade school, there is a chance you’ve created something such as this:

You take pieces of colorful tissue paper, crumple them up, glue them together, and create your masterpiece. As time goes on, inevitably some pieces fell off. Perhaps you tried to re-glue them or maybe your caregivers tossed it because inevitably you were going to bring home another one.

Sis, there may have been points in your life when you’ve felt like you were unraveling, coming apart, or just like a hot, funky mess. We are here to tell you that you won’t be thrown away because the glue that holds you together is the One and True Living God!

“And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

If you feel like you are unraveling, reach for your glue! Feel broken? There is a glue more powerful than gorilla glue! God, through Jesus Christ, has carefully crafted you and will fix you any time you so desire! You don’t have to feel like a hot mess. You don’t have to continue to come apart, reach for the Glue! Reach for the One who “holds all things together”!

Be the beautiful masterpiece that you are in Christ Jesus. You, my dear, were handcrafted by the One who created the very universe! The glue that holds you together is the world’s most powerful version, nothing compares!

Beautiful masterpiece, trust in the glue that is holding you together…

Peace and Blessings

Waging War…

As believers of God through Jesus Christ, we are consistently engaged in a tremendous battle. Thankfully, we have the victory through the finished work of Jesus Christ. However, our battle still rage on as we exist here on Earth.

We engage in warfare to destroy the works of the devil. Christ accomplished this, once and for all, with his life, death, and resurrection. We are still prevalent to sin, however, because we still exist in the world. But make no mistake, we are not OF the world. No friend, as a born again believer, you belong to God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, you were created to destroy the works of the devil.

Perhaps you are wondering how that is possible. It’s done with the fruit of your lips, with your lifestyle, with the fruit of the Spirit. Your Christian walk is actively destroying the works of the devil. Your prayers, your fasting, your studying-all work together to defeat Satan and his minions. We do not have to go to Hell and get the keys, that’s been accomplished but it is our responsibility to continue to fight the good fight of faith.

We cast down Satan’s mission to steal, kill, destroy with love, building, and giving. We give joy, we command peace, and we extend grace. We triumph over the advances of the enemy with choosing to operate in love, power, and a sound mind. When Satan comes to condemn, we comfort. We Satan comes to discourage, we encourage.

So fight on sis! Continue to wage war with your ministry, your kindness, and your dedication to Christ. Cast off that spirit of fear, you will win! And you will win because Christ already won! Know that you are equipped for the fight. In Christ, you have all you need to destroy the works of the devil.

Wage on, soldier. You got this!

Peace and Blessings

The Power of Your Witness…

“This will be your opportunity to bear witness.” Luke 21:13

Your triumphs and trials, your ways and words, your speech and stance, your challenges and conquests all bear witness of God’s greatness, power and authority. As believers, it is our job to proclaim to the world how amazing our God is! It’s a privilege that He decides to use us to preach the gospel with our lips and lifestyles.

Do not think it strange when you find yourself in the presence of those in authority, power, and prestige. Do not shrug off the promotion or leadership position. Do not ignore the positioning of your career and your sphere of influence. The world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. Those whom are connected to you need to learn about the Living God.

They need to see your responsiveness to life’s difficulties. They need to hear you be gentle when it is so easy to be harsh. They need to know you chose love when hate was an option. They need to hear about how you got over.

Your healed scars are a witness of God’s healing power. Your joy is a testament of God’s presence. Your smile is an expression of God’s creativity. The grace you extend bears witness of God’s grace over your life.

He created YOU to bear witness…

This is your opportunity to bear witness…

Peace and Blessings