What’s In Your Cup?

It’s time to examine what’s in our cups. Not the cup that may be sitting in front of you but our spiritual cup, the one that’s constantly being depleted as you serve your family, friends, jobs, and communities. The one that may be sitting on empty if we haven’t taken the time to sit before the Father.

Remember Martha and Mary? (See Luke 10:38-42)

Let’s re-examine their story: Martha’s cup had to be on empty. Think about it? She was in front of Jesus and instead of sitting and soaking in all His glory, she cooked and cleaned. She did everything but enjoyed the presence of Jesus because her cup was filled with preconceived notions about how it is was more important to have a cleaned house than to spend time with the Lord. Had she examined her cup and enjoyed the Lord, she would have everything she needed in order to fulfill her duties of cooking and cleaning.

And let’s consider Mary-with all that had to be done to prepare for the ultimate guest, she chose to sit down and bask in His glory. Mary was preparing herself for the chores that had to be done by sitting at the feet of the Lord. She knew that in order to do what needed to be done, she had to soaking in the One who would give her the strength to do it all.

If we are all honest with ourselves, we probably identify more with Martha than Mary-but Mary was the wiser of the two. She recognized who she was in front of and she took hold of the moment to seek out the Master. Her cup was overflowing because she sought out the Living Water!

What’s in your cup? We took some time on the latest episode of “From Worn to Well” to explore what it takes to fill our cups. Check out this snippet:

You can listen to the full episode here: What’s In Your Cup?

Beloved sister, examine your cup. Is it dry to the bone? Is there a sticky residue of remnants of things that use to be in your cup? Or is it flowing with Living Water? We must take the time to fill ourselves so that we can pour out for the Father. We want our cups to be filled with life-giving, light-bearing, and sweet-tasting contents so that it is helpful to our loved ones and pleasing to the Father.

As we examine our cups, let this be our truth:

Peace and Blessings

Follow the Leader…

Trust exercises include a leader and a follower. The leader conducts a series of movements that the follower must copy. The follower may be nervous in following the leader because they may end up doing silly or embarrassing movements. Nonetheless, the exercises are done to build trust between one another.

If we are willing to follow the movements of another human being-one who is finite and flawed-why are we so apprehensive in following the lead of the Holy Spirit? By design, the Spirit of God is perfect in every way. The Holy Spirit only leads as the Father directs. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter and Counselor. To follow His lead is to be a child of God:

The Holy Spirit teaches. He guides us into all truth. He intercedes for us. He is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Do we know of a better Leader to follow?

We are guided by Pastors, teachers, bosses, friends, and family. Before we follow their lead, let’s be compelled to follow His lead. Let that small voice be the loudest voice of our lives. It’s time for us to let go of that fear that can speak so loudly.

You’ve heard that voice: End that relationship, call that person and forgive them, choose peace, love your enemy, be gentle, start that business, write that book, pray, fast, rejoice-it’s time for us to follow the Leader.

Sisters, may we trust in the Creator enough to follow the lead of His Holy Spirit-He has never failed us yet.

Peace and Blessings

Armored Up: Breastplate of Righteousness…

The breastplate goes over the chest. The chest contains our most vital organs. If someone gets pierced in the lungs, their breathing is affected. If someone gets shot in the heart, their life is affected. The breastplate of righteousness is designed to protect our most vulnerable organ: the heart.

The Word of God tells us just how important the heart is, naturally and supernaturally:

As we engage in spiritual warfare on this battlefield of life, we must ensure that our breastplate of righteousness snug and fit on our chest. The fiery darts of the enemy are subtle and if we aren’t careful, we leave our hearts visible to the enemy. We must protect our most vital organ, for everything we do flows from it.

This is why the armor of God works in conjunction with one another. The helmet protects our mind, the belt keeps us standing strong, the shoes directs our path, the shield and sword empowers us with the word and if our hearts aren’t guarded-the rest of us is left susceptible to the attacks of the enemy.

Mighty warrior of God, protect your heart. This is the source of your very life. Pray over your heart. Etch the Word of God onto the flesh of your heart. Lay it on the altar each and every day. Be mindful of what goes into your ear gates and eye gates. Hold fast to your faith. Cling to the Word of God. Surrender yourself unto the King. Trusting, believing, and clinging are the components of your breastplate. Choosing the Father over the flesh is your breastplate. Going His way instead of your way is your breastplate.

We hope this series helps our fellow sisters in Christ stand strong in the midst of spiritual warfare. We pray that we stand-Armored Up-fighting from the stance of victory!

Mighty woman of God-you are victorious!

Peace and Blessings