Silence is Golden…

Many times throughout scripture, God’s voice was heard in the silence, think about the crackling of a burning bush or a wind that gently whooshes pass you. The voice of the Lord isn’t always booming. Sometimes it’s small and still but packs a powerful punch.

And if His voice is small and still, that means we have to turn down our world to hear His voice. Our world is loud. Full of distractions, sounds, and booms. But if we want to hear His voice, we must learn how to be silent. We must learn how to sit quietly, to pray quietly, and to silence the world around us.

Your prayers don’t have to be full of words. Don’t forsake the power of your silence before the Lord. There is a time to shout and there is a time to sit still. Being in a quiet space without the television or the phone can change and greatly impact your relationship with the Lord. You don’t always have to catch the latest and greatest teacher and preacher, not when you belong to the greatest Teacher and Preacher. Turn them off and sit before the Lord. Sitting quietly before Him requires trust and submission.

There is value is silencing the racing thoughts and the nagging voices. Your silence represents hope, trust, and faith. His word speaks to the beauty of silence:

Your silence is golden. Everything does not warrant a response. You don’t have to always verbalizes your prayers. Let your tears speak. Let your pen cry out. Let your posture before the Lord echo what you are trying to say.

The Father knows what you have need of and He knows what pains you. The Father is well aware of your wants and desires. He knows what you want to say before you say it. Your silence speaks volumes.

Wait in silence, for your hope is in Him, not the eloquence of your speech or the beauty of your singing and the uniqueness of your spiritual tongue. Your silence is golden for your hope is in Him alone.

Peace and Blessings

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