Go to Grow…

In order to get to your next destination, you must go. The destination represents progression and growth. The destination is one step closer to your goal and the completion of your mission. You will never know if you don’t go and you must go to grow.

Yes, we know there are some obstacles you would rather not conquer. There are some doors you would rather simply go around rather than enter, but you must go to grow. The loss of a loved one teaches us how to endure. The rejection prepares us for the next achievement. The closed door helps us appreciate the open doors.

We must go to grow.

Our moments of weakness and life’s difficulties teaches us to depend on Christ more than ourselves. The insults position us to find our identity in Christ. The persecution guides us to His safety. Going through helps us to grow through!

The Word encourages us with the truth:

The knowledge gained trumps the trial. The wisdom gained supersedes the tribulation. The problem is not bigger than your Lord. Your hurdle isn’t bigger than the One who holds the world in His hands. Going through positions you from victim to victor!

So go to grow! Grow closer to Christ. Grow closer to dependence on Him. Grow in your confidence that He can do exceedingly and abundantly all that you ask. Grow to know that His way is perfection. Grow to know His voice, His comfort, and His strength.

My friend, you must go to grow.

Peace and Blessings

Hello Overcomer!

Dear Overcomer,

Congratulations, you survived! We know that at times you’ve made some questionable choices and just some downright bad decisions. Sister, those choices and decisions do not define you.

The enemy did not win. You won. You made it through. You are an overcomer! Every door that has closed in your face did not destroy you. Every hurt, pain and frustration has been placed under your feet. The enemy tried to steal everything you hold dear. The enemy tried to kill you but you were saved from the snares of the enemy, you are an overcomer!

We know that the past has not been kind and that life has not been a crystal stair but here you are, still standing, still breathing. The difficulties of life have made you stronger, wiser, and prepared for battle! You are ready for whatever may come your way.

So no need to hide in shame any longer. No longer do you have to omit parts of your narrative. No longer do you need to feel like you are not good enough. No longer do you need to feel like you aren’t strong enough.

Do not believe the lies of the enemy. You no longer need to look back and you can look forward with optimism and confidence! The blood of Jesus Christ saved you. Your testimony empowers you. You are an overcomer!

Peace and Blessings,

Just a sister helping another sister.

Push power…

PUSH = Pray. Until. Something. Happens.

And that’s true!

But let’s talk about the actual act of pushing.

Something is in your way. Often times, it’s bigger and heavy and it requires an action by us in order to get to the next place in our journey.

Doors have to be pushed open and closed. You have to push a stroller in order to move your child. You have to push a cart to gather your necessary items. It requires force, strength, and power.

The physical concept of pushing can be applied to the spiritual. In order to get your next position, you are going to have to push your way through. You must push your way through your tears, anger and frustration. You must push your way past the naysayers and complacency. You must push your way through obstacles in your way.

These things are often heavy and bigger but they are no match for someone who is determined to get to what God has for them. Sometimes these things require the help of others and there are some things that you will simply have to move on your own. And there will be moments that pushing is required to save your children or loved ones.

Maybe you don’t think you are strong enough. Maybe you don’t think you have what it takes to push. Do not believe the lies of the enemy! The enemy wants you to stay behind closed doors. He wants you to leave the doors of your past open.

Friend, you have what it takes as a believer in Christ. You are more than a conqueror, you have what it takes to push! You have what it takes to push because the power of God is with you. You are connected to the One who defeated death. And in the kingdom of God, there is power…

Tap into your push power! Pray until something happens. Fast until something happens. Call the elders to push! Cast your cares onto the Lord by pushing them to His feet! There is power in your pushing! Your pushing will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Peace and Blessings

What’s Your Function?

Everything has a function. A pencil, seed, or a car—everything is designed to do something. It’s title is really irrelevant if it is not functioning in its appropriate capacity.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have if it does not move. A computer isn’t really owning up to its name if it does not do what it is created to do. The same applies to your phone and television.

So, what’s your function? What have you been designed to do? We all have a function. We all are created to do something, to be productive. What is your purpose?

We all have a corporate function as the body of Christ and that’s to spread the Good News. We are all designed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But how? Are you created to stand behind a pulpit? Host a monthly Bible study? Write devotionals? Sing prophetically?

A title is irrelevant if it is not operating in the appropriate capacity. A Pastor himself does not bring salvation to the lost. However, the function of a Pastor helps draw others to Christ. The Prophet is insignificant if she does not do what she is designed to do. It is not the title that will change lives, it is the function of that title that will serve as a conduit for the Good News.

You have been called, in that calling, there is a function. And that is where you have to connect your mission and purpose. Your function is where God gets the glory. Your function is where you find your identity. Your function impacts generations. Your function breaks generational curses. Your function will change your world.

So we ask again, what is your function?

Peace and Blessings

The Silence of Saturday…

Good Friday: While our Savior is getting beaten, lied on, and crucified, this is all apart of God’s plan. It’s possible to cringe at this horrible day being called “good”, it’s always a good day when the Word of God is alive and active.

Resurrection Sunday: We are excited about the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! When we hear the Word that “He is not here, He is risen!” It makes you want to shout, for sure! To know that the Lord fulfilled His promise is comforting.

What about Saturday? The Word doesn’t tell us much of anything about Saturday. It’s silent.

So you may say to yourself, why are we discussing Easter/Resurrection Sunday in May?! The relevance of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is year round! We’ve probably had some Good Fridays, we’ve endured trials and tribulations and downright right evil moments. We’ve been lied on, intentionally hurt, and been accused of something we did not do.

Resurrection Sunday is joy-filled, absolutely delight-filled, and exciting! In our faith walk, we’ve rejoiced, we have received the Good News, and we had revelations of God doing exactly what He said He was going to do!

But if we consider hard enough, we can all remember silent Saturdays. Days, months, and years of not hearing God. Perhaps you are in this season, right now. So what do we do in the silence? What do we do when God isn’t saying anything? Let’s look to the scriptures:

In His silence, believe it or not, He is saying something! He is saying be still. He is saying trust Him. He is saying wait. We love to go into our own tool kits and “help God out” but contrary to popular belief, He does not need our help. Even in His silence, He is working.

In His silence, He conquered death, Hell, and the grace. In His silence, He was obtaining the victory. In the silence, He is awaiting for the correct posture of our hearts. He is allowing us to humble ourselves so that we can be in the proper position to receive.

If it’s a season of silent Saturdays, be encouraged! Your Father will do exactly what He said he would do.

Peace and Blessings

The Choice Is Yours…

We have choices we make every day. Some are as simple as deciding if we are going to have cake or ice cream for dessert. Others are more difficult such as deciding if we are going to take a new job opportunity or stay with the same employer.

No other choice matches the choice we have to make that is presented in Joshua in 24:15:

“…choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell…”

This decision that is presented to the children of Israel, is the same decision we must make each and every day. You may not know any Amorites but there is always something or someone competing for your attention and unyielding service.

Will you choose to serve your selfish desires or the Lord? Will you serve your wants or the Lord’s will? Will you serve your lustful desires or will you serve the love God has given you? Will you serve your family? Will you serve God or the secular career?

This isn’t telling you not to enjoy the little things or not to have a career. This is encouraging us all to consider where our heart lies. What are we devoted to? What are we committed to? Is it our educational degrees or the Lord? Is it the number of people present each Sunday in church or seeing how many folks get saved? Is it our title or our ministry?

Our choices must be filtered through the Gospel. Our choices must be considered with God’s will in mind. Our choices define our mission, purpose, and function as children of God.

As you weigh the choices set before you, consider this declaration from Joshua:

May all your decisions be filtered through unyielding commitment and dedication to the Lord, your God.

Peace and Blessings

Hidden Figures…

There is a common phrase that encourages folks to be their “authentic self “. Or perhaps you’ve heard about being true to “what” or “who” you are. Failing to do so presents yourself as a fake, phony, or imposter.

It can be nearly impossible to be true to who you are if there are hidden things in your life. These hidden figures have control over you and these hidden figures often times speak to where your devotions or commitments lie.

Sometimes the hidden figure can be a toxic relationship. Other times it could be sexual immorality. Hidden things can be unhealthy habits such as gambling or drug addiction. Hidden figures also can be vanity, social media, or pride.

Whatever you have placed in the dark will come to light and will eventually overpower your identity. As you stand before your enemies or adversary, your hidden figure can destroy your witness. It can be quite difficult to stand tall and be confident in yourself and most importantly in God Almighty when you are weighed down by the hidden figures of your life.

Let’s look to the Word of God for guidance:

Removing the hidden figures from your life isn’t about telling the world your business nor is it telling you to be perfect. Surrendering our hidden things gives the Lord the opportunity to work through us. Casting our hidden things before the Lord gives us the tools needed to defeat our enemies.

Eliminating your hidden figures gives you freedom. It gives place for your light to shine brighter. And it tells the world about your Savior, it gives Him the power! Whatever idols that are trying to take root in you will be destroyed as your surrender your hidden things!

So take the time to purify yourself, your home, your family, and your life. Remove the hidden figures and be free!

Peace and Blessings

Thus Says The Lord…

Maybe your version reads “Thus saith the Lord” or “Thus says the Lord” or “This is what the Lord says”, no matter the wording, all should give us a pause because what comes after will be life-changing and life-saving.

Our experiences should always be filtered through “what the Lord says”. Our rejection, our frustrations, and our trials can all serve as platforms to know what “Thus says the Lord”. When we filter our lives through the Gospel, we place people, things, and moments in the proper perspective.

If Jesus truly sits on the throne of our lives, figuring out what “Thus says the Lord” should be our ultimate goal for every rough and tough situation. This is not to diminish your experiences or to casually look past your pain. This is simply to place the power back into the hands of the Lord. What “Thus Says the Lord” gives Him the victory! Our Lord should always get the final say-so!

Understanding His perspective about it all helps you heal. Hearing His voice gives comfort and peace. What He says about that pain and hurt will change your life and make you whole. We tend to reach to our family and friends about our trials and tribulations, but we must seek the Lord first!

After the pain, after you cry it out, yell it out, get frustrated, and downright mad, consider the exhortation from the prophet Jeremiah:

Find out what “Thus Says the Lord”…

Peace and Blessings

The Greatest Gift…

is Jesus Christ.

It is through Him that we have access to the Father. It is through Him that we are able to pray and communicate with God. He tore that veil. It is through Jesus Christ that we can be saved. He alone, saves. His finished work on the cross defeated death, Hell, and the grave. Christ provides us gentiles with God’s protection, provision and promises.

Jesus Christ is the greatest gift we could ever receive. Through the gift of Jesus Christ, we have access to another important and great gift…

The Holy Spirit.

God’s Holy Spirit cannot be overlooked. His Spirit is our Comforter and as Jesus Christ left the Earth, the Holy Spirit was sent to be our Comforter until He returns.

This gifting is not some ghost hiding in a barn that only appears at night. This gifting isn’t some spirit that roams to scare and frighten, absolutely not! Some call Him the Holy Ghost , others the Holy Spirit. This does not change His function. He is our gift!

When He is eliminated from the conversation about God the Father and Jesus Christ, our Lord, we fail to grasp the significance of the gift left for us. The Holy Spirit is an active and vital part of the Trinity. He is deposited when we receive salvation and He is indeed a gift. Those who come to Christ need to know the beauty and the overwhelming nature of the Holy Spirit.

He convicts to produce change. He comforts because He knows that we will suffer for our faith. He communicates the heart of God. He brings forth good fruit within us. He changes our hearts from stone. He prepares us for the return of Christ. He transforms our mind. He makes us new. He know the mind of our Father.

He is our gift. He is our promise. There are some denominations who baptize with water, others who don’t. But we, who follow Christ, are ALL baptized with the Holy Spirit once we receive and accept Christ.

And this promise, this gifting is not just for us:

“For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.” Acts 2:39

Embrace the promise, accept the gift.

Peace and Blessings