The Road to Well: R.E.S.T

The hardest part of the wellness journey can be resting. So often, this world tells us to grind hard every day. The world looks down upon rest. However, it is nearly impossible to get well without resting.

This rest is not the one you are thinking of-this version of rest requires focus, concentration, and commitment. This version of rest can only be achieved at the feet of the Father. Your bed won’t cut it, that massage won’t do it, nor will a midday nap achieve the goal of resting.

Season 2 of “From Worn to Well: Becoming Whole for the Kingdom” breaks down this version of REST-Restoration, Expectation, Saturation, and Timelessness.

Check out a snippet here:

You can listen to the full episode here: It’s time to R.E.S.T!

Rest is a promise from the Father. Rest is the portion for His children. Rest is essential for becoming well and whole.

As you consider rest, anchor yourself onto this truth from the Lord, your God:

Peace and Blessings