The Name(s) of the Lord…

Immanuel. Jehovah. Yahweh. Lord. God. Jesus. Jehovah Shalom. Jehovah Nissi. Abba. Father. Holy Spirit. Something powerful happens in worship when we call out these names for the Lord. Your heart flutters. You get goosebumps. Tears may fall. There’s a level of intimacy that just cannot be explained.

Why? One may ask. Why do we melt when we call Him Yahweh? Why does Immanuel make us warm inside? Perhaps here’s why:

Our heart flutters when we call Him “Healer” because we have been sick. We cry at calling Him “Abba” because we have been fatherless. We shout “Protector” because we have felt unsafe. We are exclaim “Immanuel” because we have felt His presence to know that He is indeed with us

Our trials and obstacles have reveal just who the Lord, our God, truly is! Our pain and afflictions manifested His power for us. Our failures help us to see just how magnificent He truly is. The Name of the Lord is a strong tower because it has withstood all of our storms.

Sisters, let us not curse our struggles and tough seasons-those painful moments is where the intimacy of the Lord develops. Those moments are the unveiling of His name! Our trials stand as altars of what the Lord has done and out of that altars-we learn about the Lord in new and powerful ways. His name stands above every name because we have a personal testimony about that name.

Praise your Abba Father! Bow at the name of your Jehovah Shalom (Peace). Worship the Lord. Shout Hallelujah to the Miracle Worker.

He is the name above all names and He is worthy of our praise…

Peace and Blessings

The Road to Well: Thankfulness

It’s incredibly challenging to give thanks in hard seasons. Becoming well means that at one point-we were not. Therefore, the road to well isn’t always a pleasing season. However, we must adhere to the command of the Lord:

With tear-filled eyes-we must give thanks. In difficult circumstances, we must give thanks. In painful moments, we must give thanks. In seasons of plenty, we must give thanks. When the doors open-we must give thanks. When the doors close-we must give thanks. When we hear the Lord say yes-we must give thanks. When we hear the Lord say no-we must give thanks. And the list goes on…

Whatever happens-we must give thanks. Thankfulness is progression. It’s the indication that we are walking by faith and not by sight. It’s the expression of giving glory to God for it all. It’s the power to take each step forward. Thankfulness is how we become well and whole.

The opposite of being thankful is being ungrateful. If we decide not to thank the Lord, we are giving space and place to the root of bitterness and resentment. These roots will have us tripping and falling as we tread the road to well. The walk will become long and even more challenging and we may be tempted to go back to where we came from.

Choose thankfulness and see how swiftly we are able to move. A thankful heart delights in the healing that the Lord provides. Thankfulness births joy in trying seasons.

Thanksgiving may have been a couple of weeks ago but giving thanks never ends.

Peace and Blessings