Hidden Figures…

There is a common phrase that encourages folks to be their “authentic self “. Or perhaps you’ve heard about being true to “what” or “who” you are. Failing to do so presents yourself as a fake, phony, or imposter.

It can be nearly impossible to be true to who you are if there are hidden things in your life. These hidden figures have control over you and these hidden figures often times speak to where your devotions or commitments lie.

Sometimes the hidden figure can be a toxic relationship. Other times it could be sexual immorality. Hidden things can be unhealthy habits such as gambling or drug addiction. Hidden figures also can be vanity, social media, or pride.

Whatever you have placed in the dark will come to light and will eventually overpower your identity. As you stand before your enemies or adversary, your hidden figure can destroy your witness. It can be quite difficult to stand tall and be confident in yourself and most importantly in God Almighty when you are weighed down by the hidden figures of your life.

Let’s look to the Word of God for guidance:

Removing the hidden figures from your life isn’t about telling the world your business nor is it telling you to be perfect. Surrendering our hidden things gives the Lord the opportunity to work through us. Casting our hidden things before the Lord gives us the tools needed to defeat our enemies.

Eliminating your hidden figures gives you freedom. It gives place for your light to shine brighter. And it tells the world about your Savior, it gives Him the power! Whatever idols that are trying to take root in you will be destroyed as your surrender your hidden things!

So take the time to purify yourself, your home, your family, and your life. Remove the hidden figures and be free!

Peace and Blessings

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