Thus Says The Lord…

Maybe your version reads “Thus saith the Lord” or “Thus says the Lord” or “This is what the Lord says”, no matter the wording, all should give us a pause because what comes after will be life-changing and life-saving.

Our experiences should always be filtered through “what the Lord says”. Our rejection, our frustrations, and our trials can all serve as platforms to know what “Thus says the Lord”. When we filter our lives through the Gospel, we place people, things, and moments in the proper perspective.

If Jesus truly sits on the throne of our lives, figuring out what “Thus says the Lord” should be our ultimate goal for every rough and tough situation. This is not to diminish your experiences or to casually look past your pain. This is simply to place the power back into the hands of the Lord. What “Thus Says the Lord” gives Him the victory! Our Lord should always get the final say-so!

Understanding His perspective about it all helps you heal. Hearing His voice gives comfort and peace. What He says about that pain and hurt will change your life and make you whole. We tend to reach to our family and friends about our trials and tribulations, but we must seek the Lord first!

After the pain, after you cry it out, yell it out, get frustrated, and downright mad, consider the exhortation from the prophet Jeremiah:

Find out what “Thus Says the Lord”…

Peace and Blessings

4 thoughts on “Thus Says The Lord…

  1. You are absolutely right about “Thus saith the Lord.” Knowing what God is saying in every moment of our lives will open up many a blessing and keep us from falling into many a ditch when we are prepared to receive and to retreat based on what God is saying to us. Thank you for this blessed reminder my sister.

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