What do you see when you think about a Preacher? Someone holier than thou? A man? Someone articulate? Maybe educated? Perhaps they are only a preacher if they are behind a pulpit or in a church?

And maybe the image we visualize isn’t completely off track. However, we must broaden our vision of a Preacher. We must expand our mind about who a preacher may be. Why, you say? Because YOU are a preacher!

Yep, you.

Let’s look to the Word:

This charge isn’t just for a man. There is a young woman who needs to hear a Word. This isn’t just for someone who is articulate, remember Moses? This isn’t for the educated, the Lord used children to minister, remember Jeremiah?

You, my friend, are a preacher. You don’t need to be a theologian to tell the Good News. You don’t need to be perfect, that’s only reserved for Jesus. You don’t need a crowd, there is someone who needs to hear YOU.

Do not be intimidated by those who may appear to be smarter or more charismatic. Don’t be concerned with those who appear to be perfect. Don’t be nervous about how you may sound. Do you love the Lord? Do you belong to Christ? Then you have all you need to give the Good News!

2 Timothy 4:2 gives it to us plainly, preach the Word, period! You preach with your lips and lifestyle. You preach with your kindness and joy. You preach with the love you show others. You preach when you tell about how the Lord has been good to you. You preach when you serve and serve well. Your preach with your testimony. You preach when you blog unto the Lord.

So preach, Preacher! The world needs to hear the Good News. Preach the Word, my friend!

Peace and Blessings

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