Active Listening…

Active listening skills are encouraged in the world of Human Services. From counseling to teaching, true listening requires eyes and ears. The concept of active listening is to ensure that we are listening to the person in totality. This concept isn’t not foreign to the Word of God, active listening skills are identified in the Word. Let’s see what the Father says:

Without active listening skills, we cannot hear the voice of God. Our eyes seek out the Word. Our ears harken to His voice. Our eyes seek out the move of God. Our ears listen out for fellow believers to connect with for kingdom building. How can we obey the Lord if we do not hear the Lord?

We must actively listen for the voice of the Lord. The temple builders had to ensure that they heard the Lord to learn the measurements and materials needed to complete the temple. Without hearing His voice; there is no way they would have completed the work. How can we fulfill our purpose without actively listening to the Lord?

Are we actively listening to the voice of the Father? Are we using our eyes and ears to hear Him? Are we taking note of His commands and directives? Active listening isn’t just for the natural, it’s also required for the supernatural.

In order to see the move of God, we have to hear the voice of God. The Father is speaking, are we actively listening?

Peace and Blessings

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