The Path of Life…

Many motivational speakers will speak about the path of life. They will tell you that you make your own path, that it’s rocky, that it’s complicated, and that you are essentially the master of your own path and destiny. Unfortunately, if these motivational speakers aren’t speaking of or about Christ as they try to tell you about the path of life, they are sadly mistaken.

The first step in understanding the path of life is your vision. Where are your sights set? In order to understand or to even find the path of life, we must set our sights on the Creator of life:

If we set our sights on things above, we can learn more about the path of life and where it ends. It is the One above who will direct and order our steps. His way is the best way! Yes, the path of life may be rocky, but He guides our steps. Yes, the path of life may be long, but He is our guide.

Our feet must hold fast to His path (Psalm 17:5). Only in Christ is where we will be able to get to where God wants us to go! We must to submit to His will and His way. We must ask the Lord to teach us His paths (Psalm 25:4). Who better to teach us in the way we should go than the Lord Almighty!

You may be searching for the right way but with your eyes on Him, He will get you there! The path of life does not have to complicated if we simply trust and surrender to the Lord. Not only is your intended path crafted by God, it is for Him (Psalm 23:4).

As a child of God, you are no longer wandering aimlessly, you have an destination and a purpose. Your path of life will be for your good as you choose to be led by the Lord. Your path will strengthen you, be your testimony, and serve as a witness to the goodness of the Lord!

Peace and Blessings

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