Illusion of Control…

One may enjoy control because perhaps there is a belief that it can frame an outcome…

One may enjoy control simply because they enjoy having power…

Another may seek out control to prevent from being hurt or betrayed…

Control, however, can often times be an illusion and the only form of control that is an reality is self-control. For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy 1:7

You cannot control what happens to you. You can simply control your response to the situation. Regardless of what you may believe, you cannot control another person. Everyone was given free-will. No matter how much you think you control an situation, you can still be hurt or betrayed.

Stop giving into the illusion of control. It is a false sense of reality. It is not of God. Your plans can still fail no matter how much you think you are in control. Go on ahead and surrender, life can be so much sweeter when you accept what is in front of you and not force it to bend to your will, your way.

Surrender to His plan and His will. Accept the flaws of your loved ones. Don’t get worked up over the traffic that you encounter on the way to work or school. Be at peace with the plan going left instead of right.

You are not in control, and that, my friend, is okay.

Instead of focusing on your perceived control, set your sights on the One who is truly over all things…

Peace and Blessings

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