Faith over Feelings…

Think about the period of a 24 hr day: We wake up-indifferent, encounter traffic-grumble, we get coffee-happy, we read our devo for the day-happy, we get THAT email-annoyed, we eat lunch-happy, hit traffic headed home-grumble, and the list goes on. We are gifted with 24 hrs a day and probably go through 24 different emotions! Talk about inconsistent….

In His infinite wisdom, He blesses with this ability to experience emotions and feelings. He even permits them. One can imagine that laughter, tears, and happiness enriches life. God did not create robots so feelings and emotions come with this human package.

But we must not confuse faith and feelings. Feelings, if we let them rule and reign, hinders the effectiveness of our prayers. Faith must rule and reign in our walk as believers. The Lord is not moved by our little inconsistent feelings. He does not launch into action because we are frustrated, annoyed or upset.

He will comfort us as we cry. He will soothe us when we angry. He will grant understanding when we are confused. He will give rest when we are weary, food when we are hungry.

However, He is moved by our faith. The angels are dispatched when faith springs forth. Faith moves mountains. Faith slays giants. Faith fills empty wombs. Faith causes the cup to overflow. Faith brings the dead back to life. It is by your faith, that you are made whole.

So as you cry, whisper to yourself “I believe God”. As you vent, declare that you believe God. As you grumble, complain, and groan, declare that God has the final say-so. Even though you may not feel like doing so, choose your faith over your feelings.

Peace and Blessings

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