Promise Keeper.

Promises are tricky for us finite beings. Sometimes, even when we try our hardest, we just fail to hit the mark. Sometimes things happen that’s out of our control and the promise just never happens. Sometimes we just plain forget.

We should rejoice right now that God is not like us! The Lord is a promise keeper! The One who told you that He will supply all of your need according to His riches in glory will do it. The One who promises to prosper and not to harm you, means what He says. The One who promises not to leave nor forsake you, will NEVER do so. The One who told you to cast your cares onto Him because He cares for you, does really care for you. Trust Him.

He never fail to keep His promises! Never. It may not happen when we want it to but He is always on time! His Word tells us so:

What has He whispered over you? Over your loved ones? Trust Him, He will do it. What vision did He give you? Trust Him, it will come to pass. If God declares it, it is so!

The promise He has for your life, for your loved ones, for your business, for your marriage is one to never let go of because He is the Promise Keeper. Stand on His perfection. Trust in His perfect record, His power, and His authority. Trust in God for who He is, not who we are.

Peace and Blessings