Are you faith-full? Let’s not confuse being faith-full with being faithful. Being faithful is all about commitment, dedication, and loyalty. This is about being faith-full, full of faith.

This is about believing God beyond what you see. This is about believing God beyond what they say. This is about believing God for the BIG dreams. This is about being full of faith in a world that tells us that believing in something we cannot see or touch is ridiculous.

Being faith-full gets us through the tough times. It takes our eyes off of our situation and place them onto our faithful God. Being faith-full moves mountains, destroys yokes, and breaks generational issues.

Your mustard seed of faith must be activated at all times. We must believe against all odds and no matter the obstacles in our way.

We serve the limitless God, whom has unlimited power, and loves us unconditionally. Believe in Him. Be faith-full. He can move your mountain. He can change your life. He is the One whom has saved your soul. Be faith-full in YOUR Creator.

Trust in the One who has the whole world in His hands.

Peace and Blessings

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