Armored Up: The Tongue

The tongue is a powerful tool! The Word of God says so:

We’ve all heard that one, right? While the term “cliché” may come to mind, we must remember that the Word of God is LIFE and there is nothing cliché about the Word of God!

The tongue is an important weapon in this spiritual warfare battle that we are constantly engaged in, woman of God!

From the life perspective of the tongue, this is where we can speak life into dead situations. The tongue can bring dead things back to life: your sick loved one, your dead job, your lifeless marriage, your wayward child. Our tongue speaks the life-filled Word of God! Yes, let’s learn how to arm ourselves with life-giving scriptures, encouragement, and positive words. Let’s use our tongues to communicate the promises of God. Command your mornings. Speak healing words over those who are hurting. Declare and decree the truth of the Lord over your family. There is LIFE in the power of the tongue and we must be ready to speak life at all times!

Let’s look at the tongue as a tool of death, we know how words can hurt right? We know that old saying of “sticking and stones breaking our bones but words never hurting” is a complete lie. But mighty woman of God, did you realize that your tongue can be a tool to kill the schemes and strategies of the enemy?! Oh yes, let’s use our tongues to trample all over the agenda of the enemy! Let’s use our tongues to extinguish those fiery darts coming our way! Let’s put to death those lies from Satan’s mouth! Declare and decree that every witch and warlock have no power over you. Use your tongue to kill the desires of the flesh!

Yes, sister, there is life and death in the power of the tongue. It is time to use that tongue to give life and to put to death the demonic agendas that is trying to rule and reign in our lives.

Let us shout the name of Jesus with our tongues and advance forward, the battle is already won!

Peace and Blessings

Word of God: Separation

Live your best life. It is what it is. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. These affirmations are from the world. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love the Lord your God. Love others. It’s better to give than receive. These words are of the Lord. If we listen closely, we are able to hear the Word from the world. The Word of God separates.

The world uses positive mantras and affirmations to strengthen itself, the children of God uses His Word. We are not of the world, therefore, we do not need to use its words and perceptions to encourage ourselves.

Separation is not intended to be divisive nor does it purport that we are better than anyone else. The Word of God is not divisive or encourages boasting in ourselves. However, what the Word of God does is draw us back to the Father.

Mantras and affirmations are not horrible at the core but who do they draw us to-ourselves or the Father? The Word of God reminds us that the Lord our God is our strength and source. His Word separates us from the thoughts and perceptions of the world. His Word reminds us that we are His children.

The Word of God exists to separate life from death. The Word of God exists to separate eagles from chickens. The Word of God exists to separate good fruit from bad fruit. His Word helps us discern the wise from the fools.

The Word of God separates the wisdom of the Lord and the wisdom of the world. The Word of God separates.

Peace and Blessings

Word of God: Authority

Scriptures have been used to justify slavery, to justify belittling women, and used to condemn others. We wonder how the Lord feels about that? Did we even seek Him out? His Word is too powerful to be misused!

We can only imagine that the Lord is not pleased when His Word is mishandled. He knows that the Word is authority and we should know as well. It will do what He has commanded it to do. He is not out to see others enslaved, women demeaned, or people condemned. His Word is life and it has been used improperly.

Let’s remember that His Word is authority, used to cement the the rule and reign of God Almighty.

His Word is firm. His Word is settled. His Word is cemented. His Word is power. His Word is authority. What did God say about the matter? If He said it, it is so. We are to stand on His authority and His alone.

Our situations must bow to the authority of God’s Word. Our enemies are defeated by the authority of God’s Word. Our purposes and plans are found in God’s Word. It is His promises that define our lives. Before we research the world’s perspective, did we seek out the Father’s command?

The Lord’s Words are not empty, meaningless mumblings-they are life shaping, life forming, and life giving. God’s Word is authority.

Peace and Blessings

The Response…

Remember your mother or father calling your name? Some parents required “ma’am” or “sir”. Some parents required a “yes” not a “yea”. Most parents would not accept a “what”. And most parents would not accept silence. Either way, every call from your caregiver requires a response.

How do you respond to the Lord when He calls your name? Do you say “here I am Lord”? Or do you run and hide? When the Father calls, a response is required. His call is more important than any call you will ever receive in your life. His call warrants you to move swiftly and quickly. His call will be the one that changes your life.

The story of Samuel models our appropriate response to the Lord:

Our response should be that of Samuel. As He calls our name, our response should revere the Father. Our response requires humility as the Lord is about to speak life into our life. Our response should be swift as we hear our name.

Our relationships with earthly caregivers can shape our response to the Father. Depending on our upbringing, the call of our parents can put fear into us, but we shouldn’t be afraid of God our Father. Sometimes the call of our parents was often followed by criticisms and unkind words but our Father will not hurt us with His words. He will sing songs of joy over us. His call will heal us and not hurt us. His call will make us whole.

What will be your response to the Father?

Peace and Blessings

The Word of God.

Have you ever found yourself rambling? What about venting, ever found yourself doing that? In our rambles and vents, sometimes we mean what we say, other times, our words are simply empty and just fills up space. And perhaps that’s a good thing! Ever had to apologize for what you’ve said? Maybe we should thankful for OUR empty words.

While, it may be hard to believe the words of humans, we should never doubt the word of God! It is full of authority, every word the Lord speaks is intentional, and the weight of the Lord’s words carry an immense amount of power!

Those promises you whisper to yourself, the scripture you recite when you are feeling low, the text that just makes you leap in your spirit-all will accomplish what the Lord desires! When you declare that you are more than a conqueror, the Lord means what He says! When you declare that you can do all things through Christ, the Word is so! Our words may be empty but we can trust in the Word of God!

You have overcome because the Lord said so. You are healed because the Lord said so. You shall live and not die because the Lord said so. You are forgiven because the Lord said so. You are loved because the Lord said so.

His Word is true! This is why we cling to His Word. This is why we use the Word to rebuke demonic spirits. The Word of God is full of power and authority. This is why we can declare and decree the Word of God because:

His Word does not return to Him empty and it accomplishes what He desires.

Peace and Blessings

Friends, use the comment section to fill in the blank: “I am ________________ because the Lord said so!”


Abound: exist (or have) in large amounts or numbers.

Have you ever said to yourself? This day will be the pits and it turns out to be a pit-full day. Have you said that your job is stressing you out? And it turns out, you are stressed. Maybe you say the statement, hoping that it would not come to pass. However, it will only because you have spoke it.

What you say, will abound.

What you speak over your life, will exist in large amounts or numbers. When the Lord spoke, life abound. It existed in large amounts. Go back to Genesis 1 and see what His words produced. Now, because we are were created in the image of God, what you say will simply be. Your words have power! Your words will produce life and death! Your words will abound.

What do you call cursed? It will never bear fruit. What do you call a failure? You will never see it succeed. What do you call dead? It will never see life. What you say will abound!

What are you speaking over your life? The fruit will tell it all. You have what you say. We must watch what we say, for it will grow and manifest. Declare today what will abound in your life! If the Lord chooses to use words so that grace, mercy, and blessings abound, what don’t we? If the Lord chooses to use words that promoted life to exist in large amounts, so should we!

This isn’t prosperity gospel nor is this about naming and claiming, this is about us realizing that our words have power! This is beyond material possessions and worldly treasures. This is about ensuring that we have the promises of God abounding in our lives.

What you say, will abound. So here at Sisters Helping Sisters, for everyone who encounters this devotional, here is what we declare over your life: May grace abound. May prosperity abound. May love abound. May peace abound. May joy abound. May kindness abound. May patience abound. May healing abound. May favor abound.

Peace and Blessings

Silence is Golden…

Many times throughout scripture, God’s voice was heard in the silence, think about the crackling of a burning bush or a wind that gently whooshes pass you. The voice of the Lord isn’t always booming. Sometimes it’s small and still but packs a powerful punch.

And if His voice is small and still, that means we have to turn down our world to hear His voice. Our world is loud. Full of distractions, sounds, and booms. But if we want to hear His voice, we must learn how to be silent. We must learn how to sit quietly, to pray quietly, and to silence the world around us.

Your prayers don’t have to be full of words. Don’t forsake the power of your silence before the Lord. There is a time to shout and there is a time to sit still. Being in a quiet space without the television or the phone can change and greatly impact your relationship with the Lord. You don’t always have to catch the latest and greatest teacher and preacher, not when you belong to the greatest Teacher and Preacher. Turn them off and sit before the Lord. Sitting quietly before Him requires trust and submission.

There is value is silencing the racing thoughts and the nagging voices. Your silence represents hope, trust, and faith. His word speaks to the beauty of silence:

Your silence is golden. Everything does not warrant a response. You don’t have to always verbalizes your prayers. Let your tears speak. Let your pen cry out. Let your posture before the Lord echo what you are trying to say.

The Father knows what you have need of and He knows what pains you. The Father is well aware of your wants and desires. He knows what you want to say before you say it. Your silence speaks volumes.

Wait in silence, for your hope is in Him, not the eloquence of your speech or the beauty of your singing and the uniqueness of your spiritual tongue. Your silence is golden for your hope is in Him alone.

Peace and Blessings

Heart Healthy Diet…

There are specific foods that are good for the heart: Green veggies, whole wheat, berries, fish, and the list goes on. A heart healthy diet also includes stress management and exercise. The attention that the heart receives is vital because if it stops, we stop.

This natural fact is also a spiritual truth. The heart is of great importance because the “issues of life flow from it” Proverbs 4:23. So how do we maintain a healthy heart in the supernatural?

We stand guard: The heart is delicate and must be protected at all times. We can control what penetrates the heart by guarding our ear and eye gates. We must be careful in what and who we are listening to and what we are watching. Has listening to a sad love song ever made you sad? The heart wasn’t guarded. Have you ever watched something aggressive made you feel some type of way? You weren’t guarding your heart.

Weigh the weight of our words: The words we say and the words we digest affect the condition of our heart. There is “life and death in the power of the death” and to maintain a healthy heart, we must be mindful of the words we say. “Anxiety wears the heart down but a kind word cheers it up” Proverbs 12:25.

Choose Crosses Carefully: Ask yourself, is the cross you are bearing, yours to bear? Sometimes we try to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, which destroys the heart. The burdens of the world were never intended for our shoulders or our heart. The cares of our world should be placed at the Lord’s feet.

Maintaining a healthy heart creates a space for the Lord to plant His purpose, His will, and His mission for our life. Having a healthy heart purifies the wellspring of life. A healthy heart is the good soil needed to hear and understand God’s Word.

If you find your needing a healthy heart, anchor yourself here:

Peace and Blessings

Thus Says The Lord…

Maybe your version reads “Thus saith the Lord” or “Thus says the Lord” or “This is what the Lord says”, no matter the wording, all should give us a pause because what comes after will be life-changing and life-saving.

Our experiences should always be filtered through “what the Lord says”. Our rejection, our frustrations, and our trials can all serve as platforms to know what “Thus says the Lord”. When we filter our lives through the Gospel, we place people, things, and moments in the proper perspective.

If Jesus truly sits on the throne of our lives, figuring out what “Thus says the Lord” should be our ultimate goal for every rough and tough situation. This is not to diminish your experiences or to casually look past your pain. This is simply to place the power back into the hands of the Lord. What “Thus Says the Lord” gives Him the victory! Our Lord should always get the final say-so!

Understanding His perspective about it all helps you heal. Hearing His voice gives comfort and peace. What He says about that pain and hurt will change your life and make you whole. We tend to reach to our family and friends about our trials and tribulations, but we must seek the Lord first!

After the pain, after you cry it out, yell it out, get frustrated, and downright mad, consider the exhortation from the prophet Jeremiah:

Find out what “Thus Says the Lord”…

Peace and Blessings

Declare and decree…

Every cough and sneeze brings an concerned look or glance. Every other word is COVID 19 or coronavirus or pandemic. Every other statement is about what’s lacking.

People of God, we must be careful about what we say, especially during a time such as this. Our actions and words declare and decree. It’s so easy to get caught up in the times. We, too, have concerns or may be dealing with an consequence associated with this major issue that is going on.

Even so, we must be mindful about what we are declaring and decreeing. The world is not only watching, the world is in need of your light. The world is in need of the hope that never disappoint. And you have the key, you, as followers of Christ, have the answer.

Don’t you know that your words have power?

What are you declaring and decreeing? Believers, with a united faith and prayer, can be the change that this world needs right now. We can declare and decree hope in a time that seems to be focused on hopelessness. We can declare joy in a time of confusion. We can decree prosperity in times that are focused on lack. We can declare truth in a world full of facts.

Instead of running from the next person that coughs, declare healing. Instead of worrying about where to find the next pack of toilet tissue, decree that the next store you step into will have everything that you need. In the times of unstable employment, declare stability. In a time of panic, decree peace.

Declare a thing, and let it be established for you, for those whom you are connected to, and for a world that is searching for the One whom saves.

Peace and Blessings