Settle Here Lord.

The Holy Spirit is an amazing gift that was granted to us by Christ as He transitioned to the right hand of the Father. The Holy Spirit is provided to those who accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. He is our comforter, guide, and intercessor. He is truth.

How gracious is our Father?! The fact that Christ had to leave us to wait for an appointed time for His return and we were permitted to have this beautiful gift deposited into our very beings. God, the Father, entrusted His Spirit inside of you!

Just so there is no confusion, the Spirit of the Living God is inside of YOU. However, at times our flesh, our desire to control, our sinful nature just doesn’t let Him function in His intended way.

Friends, it is time to invite the Spirit to settle within us.

As defined by the Webster dictionary, to settle is to stay; to establish residence; to quiet and establish order; to arrange in a desired position.

We must ask ourselves if we are allowing the Holy Spirit to do just that in our lives. Are we allowing Him to stay and not be grieved? Are we allowing Him to establish residence? Are we allowing Him to quiet our troubles and establish order in our chaotic lives? Are we allowing Him to arrange us in the proper position submission amd humility?

Or does He just lay there, quietly, waiting to be asked to be the leading force in our lives, to be our guide, to seek the Father on our behalf. Have we invited Him to have His way?

Invite Him to settle. Let the Spirit of God know that He can settle in you. Tell Him to get comfortable because you need Him, because you cannot function without Him, and because He is the gift, given by the Father. Invite Him to be truth. Invite Him into your prayers, home life, work space. Invite Him to be the answer to your trials and tribulations. Let Him truly settle in you.

As you consider allowing the Holy Spirit to rest in you, check out this beautiful worship song by William Murphy titled Settle Here.

Peace and Blessings