In the time of social distancing, there are many outlets encouraging you to remain plugged in. Wireless, electric and phone companies are waiving disconnections. Most churches and organizations are using telehealth, televisits, and social media sites to help you stay plugged in. All which are very convenient and helpful.

However, what if God is calling you to unplug? What if this is the season where God wants you to unplug from your world so that you can plug into Him?

Sometimes, the reset button is necessary. We tend to be a people that are always on the go and if we have to sit still, we go stir crazy. But we want to encourage you to use this time to unplug from the noise and the distractions.

Use this time to reboot the system. This can be the season where you figure out what God wants you to do and how He wants you to do it.

Think of the saints of old, when separated from the noise of their worlds, they got to be intimate with the Father: Moses and his encounter at the burning bush is where he was appointed to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt. Jesus was ministered to by the angels in His wilderness moment. Separated, Jacob wrestles with the angel and received his new identity.

What if your unplugged moment births your ministry? What is your unplugged moment reignites your relationship with the Lord? What if your unplugged moment gifts restoration?

Enjoy the stillness of this time. Become unplugged, for His sake and yours…

Peace and Blessings

A Call to the Wild…

The wilderness is filled with God’s beauty and God’s creatures. Lions, tigers, and bears are often found in the wild, not to mention the creepy and crawling things. For some, they shudder when they think of it, for others, they are excited and quickly pitch a tent. Whatever your feelings are about the wilderness, it’s beautiful, scary, and very necessary.

Think about the wilderness in the Bible. The children of Israel, Hagar, Moses, and many others all experienced the beauty and the safety of God in the wilderness. Imagine the uncertainty, loss of direction, and difficulty that they all experienced there.

The children of Israel had no food and no water without God. Hagar was prepared to watch her child die. Moses saw a burning bush not being consumed. But each experienced God in their wilderness!

You will too! Do not run from your call to the wild, the Lord is waiting to meet you there. The wilderness is incredibly uncomfortable, filled with big and sometimes scary things. It can be dry and hot and it doesn’t seem like anything is growing. But fret not, for your wilderness will be the very moment when you are propelled to a new level in your walk with Christ.

In the wild, you’ll be able to hear the promises of God clearly spoken to you. You will receive power, strength, and wisdom! In the wild, you are aptly positioned to see the miracles God’s doing in your life. In the wild, you will be nourished and fed. In the wilderness, there is life, no matter what you see!

The tenderness of God can be experienced in your wilderness season. Do not despise this part of your walk. God is waiting for you there. He will be your food. He will be your living water. He will be your light, safety, and protection.

Answer the call to the wild.

Peace and Blessings