Labor and Delivery…

There may be many terms that define this year:






And the list goes on.

And perhaps the above terms may describe this year for you. No one can negate that, however consider this perspective: what if the Lord was using this time to birth something within you? What if this tough, rough, and challenging year was your labor pains?

Think about childbirth. Labor, for some, is a hard, exhausting process. And for others, while they may have had some contractions, the laboring process wasn’t as difficult. However, all labor require some pain, some discomfort, and blood or sweat or tears.

The labor, once completed, produces this beautiful child. The labor is worth it, wouldn’t one say?

So what if this year were your labor pains? What if this was your time of discomfort, pain, and tears? Will you trust the Father with what’s coming? Your beautiful “child” is on its way! Maybe for some, it will be the birth of a new business. For some, it may be a rebirth for a struggling marriage. For others, it may be the birth of a book, a new career, or simply a new perspective.

We can’t promise that in 2021, the labor will be over. However, because we are in Christ, we can promise you that it’ll be worth it! The pain will produce a blessing. This pandemic may be a defining moment but it will not define you.

We can guarantee that the Lord, our God, is doing a new thing!

Your labor is not in vain. You are about to deliver a more profound faith! You are about to deliver a stronger relationship with the Lord! You are about to give birth to a steadfast walk in the Lord! You are about to birth your purpose, your mission, and your vision!

My friend, labor on just a little while longer! Pace that breath, P.U.S.H, and hold on to the Father’s hand! Cry out and endure just a little while longer. We know this year has been tough, but the Lord is with you. We know that this year has been unstable, but the Lord is our rock, our firm foundation. We know this year has been uncomfortable, just cling to the Holy Spirit who is our Comforter.

What you are about to birth, won’t compare to the pain you’ve experiencing. Just keeping P.U.S.H-ing

Peace and Blessings

Go Tell It On The Mountain…

“Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere, Go tell it on the mountain, Our Jesus Christ is born…”

Christmas may be over but this song is still relevant. Believers must tell it on the mountain, the valley, on the side of the street, and everywhere! Why? Because Jesus Christ was born! His birth signals the fulfillment of the Law, His birth led to our salvation, and His birth positions us to have a relationship with the Father.

This charge of “going and telling on the mountain” about the arrival of Christ is much more than a song for December 25th. This song title should point us to the Great Commission:

His birth was just the beginning! He IS the Gospel! He IS the Good News! We must go and tell about Him! We must go, the Word says so! The mountain is a great vantage point, you are high and your voice can echo loudly, but don’t forsake the valley. If someone is in the valley with you, chances are, they need to hear the Good News about Christ.

Our lives, our work ethics, how we love and care for those entrusted to us, and our conduct are all “mountains” we can stand on and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And those mountains can be used to tell the Good News about Christ. Christmas is but a day, His Good News leads to eternity.

So, my friend, go on ahead it on the mountain-over the hills and everywhere-that our Jesus Christ was born, lived, served, died, and rose again for you and me!

Peace and Blessings

The Response…

Remember your mother or father calling your name? Some parents required “ma’am” or “sir”. Some parents required a “yes” not a “yea”. Most parents would not accept a “what”. And most parents would not accept silence. Either way, every call from your caregiver requires a response.

How do you respond to the Lord when He calls your name? Do you say “here I am Lord”? Or do you run and hide? When the Father calls, a response is required. His call is more important than any call you will ever receive in your life. His call warrants you to move swiftly and quickly. His call will be the one that changes your life.

The story of Samuel models our appropriate response to the Lord:

Our response should be that of Samuel. As He calls our name, our response should revere the Father. Our response requires humility as the Lord is about to speak life into our life. Our response should be swift as we hear our name.

Our relationships with earthly caregivers can shape our response to the Father. Depending on our upbringing, the call of our parents can put fear into us, but we shouldn’t be afraid of God our Father. Sometimes the call of our parents was often followed by criticisms and unkind words but our Father will not hurt us with His words. He will sing songs of joy over us. His call will heal us and not hurt us. His call will make us whole.

What will be your response to the Father?

Peace and Blessings


There are some fights that repeat themselves over and over again-the battle to remain silent when you want to speak, the struggle not to overindulge on that favorite food, the fight to remain steadfast in prayer. And the list goes on.

However, there are some encounters that you won’t have to fight again. Remember when you conquered that fear of speaking in public? Or perhaps that first flight? Maybe you’ve conquered that fear of roller coasters. Whatever it may be, that first fight was the only fight.

There is freedom in realizing that there are some battles you will not have to engage in again. For those whom are married, your season of first dates are over. For those who are mothers and are done have children, those labor pains are done for you!

Let’s go deeper, there are some enemies, there are some things that go bump in the night that you worry about, that you fear-and the Lord has set you free from experiencing those things again. Never again will you have to encounter that one who hurt you. Never again will you want to hurt yourself because you’ve been healed and made whole. Never again will you have to be a slave to a bottle or pills.

The Word tells us so:

Freedom is found in not fearing. Freedom is found in standing firm. Freedom is found in seeing the salvation of the Lord. Your Egyptians are done for! Egypt represented a place of bondage and slavery for the children of Israel. What represents your Egypt? Make it personal and speak that declaration over your life!

For the addiction you see today, you shall never see again if you stand firm, fear not, and see the salvation of the Lord!

For the low self-esteem you see today, you shall never see again if you stand firm, fear not, and see the salvation of the Lord!

The struggle you have with being all that God has called you to be may be visible today, but if you fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord-you shall never have that struggle again!

It’s time to be free, my friend! Leave those “Egyptians” behind and press onward towards the mark which is in Christ Jesus!

Peace and Blessings


When things are dry-they break, they crack, and they split. When you are hungry, you feel pain and cramps. When you are full, you are satisfied. When you drink water, you are quenched. However, eventually you will be hungry again and you will thirst again-the cycle continues until it doesn’t.

Oh my friend, this is not so for our lives in Christ! The Word of God leaves you fulfilled. The Word of God satisfies forevermore. He doesn’t leave you dry nor does he leave you with hunger pains. In Him, you are blessed, fulfilled, and complete.

You won’t be filled chasing after the world’s desires or earthly treasures. You will be left high and dry if you pursue the things of the world. Fulfillment and satisfaction can only be found in the will of God. You are quenched with doing the plan of God. You are filled when you strive to live a life of righteousness. Righteousness is all about staying connected to the heart of God and the things that matter to Him.

Our natural bodies need water and food for survival but our soul needs the Savior. This body will come to an end but our spirit will continue on. Our spirit man needs to be fueled.

When we find ourselves thirsty, may we run to the Living Water. When we find ourselves hungry, may we fall on our knees in prayer. May we experience the flow of water in a dry and parched land. In Christ, may we be fulfilled.

Peace and Blessings

SPS with SHS!

Happy Friday Conqueror, you made it! Whether this week has been lovely or lacking, you’ve made it through, rejoice and be glad!

Check out the video below for your reminder about our Saturday Prayer Sessions! Note the time change, it will still be tomorrow, 12/12/2020 but at 11:30am EST!

It is open to all ladies who desire prayer! We will spend time hearing God’s promises for our life and spend time praying for one another! Wanna join? It happens every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. The number to call is (425) 436-6200 and the access code is 827208.

Peace and Blessings!

Saturday Prayer Sessions!

Check out the video below for information on our Saturday Prayer Sessions! It is open to all ladies who desire prayer! We will spend time hearing God’s promises for our life and spend time praying for one another! Wanna join? It happens every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. We will be on this Saturday, November 28th at 9am Eastern Standard Time. The number to call is (425) 436-6200 and the access code is 827208.

Peace and Blessings

Distraction or Discernment?

Do you know the difference? Picture this: You are headed to a destination and you see a store and suddenly remember that you need bread and milk so you stop now as oppose to later. You get your items and head on your way. Later on, you hear of an accident right around the time you were stopped at the store for bread and milk.

Such a simple example that has lasting implications. Was it discernment that sent you in a different direction or did you simply get distracted?

Discernment draws you closer to God. Discernment draws you closer to your purpose. Discernment prevents unnecessary pain. A distraction takes you further away from what you are trying to accomplish. A distraction moves you further away from God.

We must be able to know the voice of our God. That voice leads and guides us. That voice is the one thing that matters above all the noise of this world. If we are His, we know His voice:

And if you are familiar with the Father’s voice, you have discernment. You won’t fall for every distraction. And that takes training. Learning the difference between distraction and discernment takes time and much prayer. Discernment requires study and focus. Discernment requires submission.

We have to examine ourselves, examine what and whom we are listening to, and examine the direction of the voice that is before us. Does it take us to the Father? Does that voice lead us to follow Him? Does that voice lead us to safety?

We all get distracted but thank God for His grace that extends forgiveness and His mercy that keeps us covered. That distraction isn’t our end! The gift of discernment tells us to turn away and walk towards our Father.

May we all seek after and pursue with all passion the gift of discernment so that we can cling even more to our Father.

Peace and Blessings

The Power of Agreement…

God’s Word requires agreement. In order for His Word to become living and active in our lives, we must first agree with what He said. This is more than the immediate good feeling we get when we first encounter His Word.

Our spirit tends to leap as we read certain scriptures and it should! Once we become believers of God through Christ Jesus, our spirit should respond to the words of our Father! But it cannot stop there. We want to be sure that we plant that seed into good ground. So we agree. We agree when the world is showing us something different. We agree when our children and loved ones are acting crazy. We agree when the enemy is telling us we should not.

Are you believing God to be the Healer? If so, you have to agree with Him when He says you are healed. Are you believing God when He says that He will never leave nor forsake you? You have to agree with His word that says so!

Our agreement is demonstrated in word and deed. Our agreement is reflected in our unwavering trust. Our agreement is indicated as we end our prayers with “Amen”. Our agreement is a step in having a living and active faith.

Let us agree with our Father! Let’s agree what His Word, with His actions, and with His plan and will for our lives!

And the people of God say: Amen!

Peace and Blessings

It’s the Little Things…

Have you ever had a little string hanging from your sweater? You went to go and pull it and it ruined the whole sweater! The little things, sometimes, can ruin the whole thing! Think about a run in your stockings? Left unattended, the stockings no longer become useful.

The little things can be destructive if we ignore them. The Word of God reminds us of this truth:

Something that is growing and flourishing can be destroyed by the little things, the little foxes. Baby foxes may be cute in appearance but destructive by nature. We have to be careful about who and what we are letting into our vineyard.

Song of Songs was all about romance and love. Perhaps there the vineyard is marriage, for others, it may be ministry or business. Perhaps the vineyard can represent our spirit. Whatever the interpretation, we have to be mindful of the little things!

Have you examined your circle? Have you examined your sphere of influence? Have the foxes slipped in? Discernment is so important for the body of Christ! We have to be able to accurately discern who and what may be the fox in our life and cast them out. We must be careful about what we are allowing into our spirit because the Lord is planting a harvest and it can be destroyed by the little foxes.

Little foxes can be procrastination, laziness, lying, and gossip. A little fox may be the extra time spent of social media. A fox could be that movie, that YouTube clip, or that song that we know isn’t good for our spirit. Perhaps it’s that distraction that has taken us completely from our purpose.

Let’s be attentive about who and what gets our time. Our harvest will build up the kingdom of God! Our vineyard will honor the Father. Our blooming field will be ripe for good seed which is the Word of God. Catch the little foxes, friends, they may come but they don’t have to ruin the fruit. Those foxes do not have to have power over us!

Every good thing isn’t a God thing! Watch out for the little foxes in your life…

Peace and Blessings