The Filling…

It’s time to empty ourselves of ourselves.

We are probably are familiar with the saying: “you can’t pour from an empty cup…”, right? Sometimes the cup isn’t truly empty. Sometimes the cup is full our ourselves: our plans, our desire, and our will. If we are the only contents of our cup, it is truly empty.

Do we leave room for the Lord in our cup? Not only should He be the center, but He must also be the content of our cup:

The love of God through Jesus Christ is what fills our cups. The quote of pouring from an empty cup often charges us to take a nap, get mani/pedi, or get a cup of coffee. None of those things are bad at all-however, it all starts with Christ!

The love that covers a multitude of sins, the love that shed its blood on Calvary, and the love that gave His One and Only Son so that we could be in greater relationship with Him-that is what must first fill our cups.

The filling of Christ’s love for us is what completes us, reconstructs our will to please Him, and molds our desires to satisfy our spirit rather than our flesh-this in our cups will truly change our lives.

Peace and Blessings

Empty Cup…

“You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Author Unknown

For those in helping professions, you may have heard of this quote before and it’s true! It is hard to serve when you aren’t full. It usually points to a need for self-care.

This quote is also relevant for believers. We cannot minister from an empty cup. And yes, it usually points to the need for self-care. The world tells us that a nap, exercise, and massages will refill our cups and we can get back on the job. However, for us who follow Christ, self-care means something a little different, it means that we must run to the feet of the Savior. Let’s look to the Word:

Before you go and take a nap, before you hit the trail, and before you schedule the mani/pedi-seek the kingdom! Ask the Lord to fill your cup, let Him know that you are running on empty. He longs to meet the desires of your heart. He wants to see you full of strength and power to run the race well.

When we are weak, He is strong! The Lord is the Living Water-when we are thirsty, if we seek Him, we don’t ever have to thirst again. Let’s stop wiping the droplets of an empty cup, hoping that it will suffice-it won’t. We need to seek the Lord, He is the best way in which we can care for ourselves!

Seek the Savior so you can truly enjoy that sweet rest. Seek the Savior so that He can power you for that amazing workout session. Seek the Savior so that you can truly have a clear mind as you take that mental health day.

Fill that empty cup with the sweetness of the Savior!

Peace and Blessings


When was the last time you took the time to minister to yourself? When was the last time you took the time to fill your cup? This has to become an important part of our self-care routine.

Self-care seems to be a popular term nowadays. Most of the time it’s associated with napping, journaling, spa treatments, exercising, etc. And those things are nice and definitely can be considered key components of self-care. However, we cannot skip the most important part of self-care which is building up the spirit man.

You spend all day caring for others in some capacity, it’s time to take care of yourself. Fill your cups friends. An empty cup benefits no one. Your loved ones will not benefit from your “fumes”. Your ministry needs your best self. Your best self is developed with feeding yourself the Word of God. Fill your cup with the Living Waters provided to us by the Father.

The temple that houses the Holy Spirit deserves our attention. And as you care for the Spirit man, your physical man will flourish from the fruit of your reading, praying, and fasting. 
So yes, get your sleep, drink plenty of water, and take those mental health day(s).

However, also read your Word daily, fast as led, pray always-this is where your self-care begins.

Peace and Blessings