Weight of Your World…

Women, because of their caring and nurturing nature, often times bear the weight of the world-or at least the weight of their world. And while admirable, that is not the will of God for you. Let’s turn to the Word:

“You and the people with you will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you. You are not able to do it alone.” Exodus 18:18

Sis, you are mighty and marvelous, amazing and awesome, however, you were not created to carry the weight of the world, or your world, on your shoulders. You are not strong enough to carry the weight of your world. You, lovely in every way, are no one’s savior.

You were created to submit. You were created to cast the burdens of your world at the feet of Christ. You were created to trust in His plan, His way, His will. You were created to wait and not to worry.

You were never created to do this alone. Lean on God and His understanding. Connect with your support system. You and your beautiful and broad shoulders are not equipped to carry your world on them. So cease and desist. Know that the Lord is more than capable to handle the cares of your world.

So, dear friend, take that weight you are bearing and place it at the feet of your Savior. You cannot run the race with weight of the world attached to you, be free.

Peace and Blessings