They that wait…

Food typically taste better when it is heated in the oven. The flavor is preserved. There aren’t those pesky hotspots. The food is crisp. The heat is evenly distributed. But it is the waiting. Ah, the waiting. Our microwave generation selves are not really great fans of waiting. Ah, but the fruit that is present in the waiting is priceless.

And waiting in the Lord? Nothing compares! You may be able to get it done quicker and faster, but the Lord is able to do it RIGHT! Not only does He do it better, there are a few benefits for they that wait on the Lord, scripture tells us so:

They that wait are renewed. They that wait will run and not get weary. They that wait will walk and not get faint. They that wait are able to see the beauty of the Lord. Their patience is strengthened. Their hearts are purified. Their focus is laser sharp.

Will we join those that wait? Will we separate ourselves from the microwave generation and join the slow cooker crowd? Will we wait for the hand of the Lord to show itself? Will we be the ones who trust in the heart of God when we can’t see His hand?

In this seasons of New Year goals and resolutions, wait on the Lord for that weight loss as you strive for a healthier lifestyle. Wait on the Lord as He restores your finances as you budget and save. Wait on the Lord to reveal Himself as you seek Him through intentional fasting and prayer. Don’t give up! Just wait…

They that wait are empowered, encouraged, and emboldened to run on!

Peace and Blessings

The Issues of Life…

The woman with the issue of blood ran to Jesus because of her issue. She knew that Jesus could solve her issue. She pressed her way through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment and she was made whole:

When she left Jesus, her issue stayed at His feet.

Aside from Jesus, the woman with the issue of blood should be role model. When she had a problem, she didn’t run to her girlfriends, she didn’t run to her mama, or her daddy-she went to the only One who could solve her problem!

Let’s be committed to run to Jesus for our issues and leave them at His feet! This is not saying that we shouldn’t attend the doctor or that we don’t pursue wise counsel. However, if we start with Jesus-He will point us in the right direction! When we start at Jesus, He will become bigger than the issue. The woman crawled through the crowd-don’t miss the lesson here! It was an active demonstration of the appropriate position of our issues and problems-at the feet of Jesus!

It’s New Year Eve. Before the watch night service, before the party, before the dinner party with our family and friends, make your way to the feet of Jesus with your 2020 issues. Be determined not to enter into 2021 with those same annoyances. Minimize those problems and issues, they belong at the feet of Jesus.

Let’s walk into 2021 set free and made whole because we chose to trust in the Lord. Let’s be committed to enter into 2021 well!

Happy New Year from Sisters Helping Sisters!

Peace and Blessings

The Chosen one…

A man chooses his wife. People are chosen to be recipients for an award. Others are chosen for a job. As young people apply for their top choice, it’s nice to be chosen out of hundreds of applicants. Let’s all admit it, it is nice to be the chosen one.

However, your appointment has responsibilities. Your job has duties. You have to honor your husband. As a student, we must maintain a specific grade point average for school. And as a believer, chosen by God the Father through Jesus Christ, we have responsibilities as well.

Consider Jeremiah. He was appointed at a young age to be a prophet. He was chosen and these were his responsibilities:

Maybe you say to yourself, those responsibilities aren’t for you because you aren’t a prophet. Guess what friends? Those responsibilities are for us as well!

Plucking up and Breaking Down: We are called to tear down the strongholds in our lives through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. We are called to break down stereotypes as we enter into spaces and place. We must pluck up those things that are dead in our lives.

Destroying and Overthrowing: We are called to destroy the works of the devil! We are chosen to overthrow the demonic spirits that try to rule and reign in our lives. We were chosen as high priests to destroy the exploits of the enemy!

Building and Planting: We are selected to build up the Kingdom of God. We are chosen to plant good seed on good ground. As a child of God, you are a Kingdom builder. As a believer, we are called to plant seeds of encouragement, love, and joy into a dying world.

So, chosen one, although you may not be a prophet, you must break down, destroy, and plant. Chosen one, you have been picked for such a time as this. My friend, you were chosen by God the Father to be an ambassador for the kingdom. You were planted in your family to pluck up the dead roots, to overthrow the works of Satan, and to build a legacy that points your loved ones back to Christ.

Now that you have been chosen and appointed and you have accepted the call, it is now time to fulfill the duties set before you.

Peace and Blessings


Discernment is all about judging well, deciphering the difference between varying statements. Discernment is all about understanding the correct way to go. Think about the job searching process. We look for places of employment that align with our credentials, our degrees, and our work experiences. We discern which place of employment is best for us. We use discernment every day in some way, from deciding which brand of detergent to use to what route we want to take to our destinations.

However, the one use of discernment above all else is deciding about what is of the Lord and what is not. This gift of discerning the voice of the Lord will saves you from a road that is not intended for you. Discerning the voice of the Lord helps you understand the way you should go. Discernment connects you to your mission and purpose.

Discernment, as a follower of Jesus Christ, is vital and essential to our Christian walk. Our very active adversary wants you to go his way, follow his path. However, he is a complete and total liar who is out to steal, kill, and destroy. We must be aware of him and his false prophets.

Does the decision you are trying to make align with the will of God? Is that job aligned with God’s assignment for your life? You must have the gift of discernment to know for sure! We must know the voice of the Lord!

And how do we learn that? How do we obtain the gift of discernment? We go to the Lord! We seek His face. We read His Word. We spend time communicating with Him. We fast. We submit. We choose to fall deeper in love with God each and every day. We humble ourselves before Him. We follow His commandments.

This, friends, is how we receive that level of discernment that has us rebuking the false prophets that will come. This gift shields us from the lies of Satan. Discernment has us in line with God’s will. This discernment protects us, guides us, and saves us.

May we all grow in discernment so that we can filter all of our choices and decisions through the lens of Jesus Christ.

Peace and Blessings

The Assignment…

If you have ever worked for a grant funded agency, you know the importance of a well-crafted report that ensures that your organization remains funded. While it may have a variety of names, it’s ultimately an assignment. The assignment is to detail how your agency has spent its money, the successes you’ve had, and it lays out the plan for the next year or few years. Everything hangs on the success completion of that assignment.

This rings true as a believer. Your assignment matters more than anything else this world has to offer. It is more valuable than any amount of money that can be offered to you. And this assignment has eternal ramifications. All that you do hangs on the assignment. This is why it is important to know that you have been called according to His purpose that works out for your good.

What is your assignment? You have a plan and a purpose for your life. Whether you realize it or not, you have been called to do a mighty work for the Lord. This is the plan He has for you, to fulfill His assignment for you. Being pleasing in the sight of the Lord, is worth more than any salary you can bring home. Everything you do must align with God’s assignment for you.

The assignment is the goal, the mission, and the purpose. The assignment is the endgame. Everything in your life must be centered around the work that the Lord, our God, has for us to complete. This keeps us Kingdom minded. This keeps our sights set on Him. This causes Him to increase and us to decrease.

So we ask, what is your assignment? What have you been crafted to do for the Lord? Once this is discovered, everything you do makes sense, gives you purpose, and puts you one step closer to hearing the ultimate reward: “well done, good and servant”

Peace and Blessings

Unto the Lord…

Think about a gloomy Saturday afternoon. You have the option to either use the day for cleaning or use the day to lounge around-what do you choose? Why do you make the choice you do? Are you cleaning because you want to make sure your home is clean or are you cleaning because you feel ashamed when you don’t? Are you choosing to lounge around because you had a hard week and you need the self-care or because you are just being lazy?

Neither choice is necessarily a bad thing, however, you must consider to whom you are making the choice. If you clean, is it out of service to your family? If you lounge around, is it for self-care and good mental health? Consider to who would be the beneficiary of the choice.

As you preach, as you write, as you serve in the 20 ministries at church-to whom are you dedicating your time, effort, and energy? Is it to the Pastor or to the fellow church members? Is it to the number of likes? Or is it unto the Lord?

Consider this exhortation:

If we are not serving the Lord, all this is in vain. Yes we want people to be drawn to Christ and sure, we enjoy helping others but our service must be to the Lord, alone. If we are more concerned with likes or people, your time and effort goes wasted. There is no one on the Earth that has a Heaven or a Hell to put us in, therefore, our service cannot and should not be unto anyone but the Lord, our God. He, alone, is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He, alone, is Alpha and Omega. He, alone, deserves all of the glory.

Unto the Lord is our life’s mission statement. Unto the Lord is the reason behind our decisions. We clean because in our service to our families, we are working unto the Lord. We take care of ourselves with mental health days because we are attending to our temple for the Lord’s sake. Unto the Lord has to be our drive or we are working in vain.

Why are you doing what you do-unto man or unto the Lord?

Peace and Blessings

Let It Flow…

Is your land flowing with milk and honey? Milk and honey represents good health, prosperity, and wealth. Milk and honey, from a spiritual perspective, can also be identified as wisdom, revelation, and discernment. The phrasing of “milk and honey” may be an Old Testament concept but it still stands as a promise for the children of God. And your land is natural and supernatural. Naturally, your land can be considered to be your place of employment or your home. Supernaturally, your land could be your mind and your heart.

So, we go back to the question, is your land flowing with milk and honey? Or do you find your flow obstructed? What’s impeding your flow? Is it distractions? Are you connected to toxic relationships? Does your home need order? Is the leadership you are under, professionally or otherwise, questionable?

All these things can prevent you from entering into a land flowing with milk and honey. The children of Israel struggled with entering into their promised land due to their stubbornness, rebellious nature, and being ungrateful. We cannot look on them with too much judgment, as being in this world of sin, we are apt to fall into the same patterns as the Israelites.

So examine your flow, examine the possible obstructions, and take note. Pruning, purging, fasting, and much prayer will remove those obstructions. Submission unto the Lord helps our land continue to flow. Hold on to the promise the Lord has for your promised land:

Pursue the land that produces revelation, pursue the land that produces wisdom, pursue the land that produces healing and prosperity-a land that flows with milk and honey.

Peace and Blessings

Gift of Answered Prayers…

You are the answer to someone’s prayer. Is that hard to believe? It shouldn’t be! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, handcrafted by God our Father. Anything made by our Lord Almighty is a gift. And that includes you.

As a mother, wife, employee, daughter-you are the answer to someone’s prayer. Your life may be the answered prayer of a mother whose womb has been declared barren. A man who has prayed fervently for a wife-you have met that desire. Your commitment to your job is the answered prayer of a supervisor who is struggling to lead her team. Your children are blessed by your presence.

Answered prayers comes in all shapes, sizes and objects. Someone prayed for protection on the road and a red light slowed them down. A farmer prayed for rain for their crops and a rainstorm came. Someone prayed for someone to talk to and their best friend called them.

We must have our spiritual eyes open so that we do not miss the move of God as we utter our prayers. Do we believe this truth?

If we believe the Word of God, then we must realize and look at the things of our life from a different perspective. A clutter house means we are blessed with the things we need. Those toys that you trip over are the children for whom you prayed. We must take a different look at ourselves as well.

Someone asked for you too. No matter your mistake, no matter the choices you made, you are the very thing someone prayed for. Continue being the amazing woman of God you are. Know that you are a blessing to someone’s life. Know that you were planted here for a purpose. You have worth and you are a gift.

Peace and Blessings

Never Forgotten!

You, our friend, are not forgotten! God remembered Noah, Abraham, Rachel, Issac, Jacob, and the list goes on! Matter of fact, go on ahead and add your name to the list! He remembers the covenant that you were grafted into as you became a believer. He remembers that you need bread, water, and shelter. He remembers your dreams and your desires. He remembers the prayers you’ve whispered and the ones you’ve have shout! Sis, He remembers you!

You are not forgotten by the Lord! You are not forsaken by Him. Will you stand on this promise today?

He remembers your desire to finish that degree, to start that business, and to start that ministry! Be encouraged, He has not left you nor forsaken you. Whatever you’ve done, there is absolutely nothing that can separate you from His love. So praise Him today! Praise Him for remembering your name, remembering your family, and remembering your purpose! Rejoice even now for His memory (unlike ours) will never fail! Rejoice because you know that you are on God’s mind! Rejoice because you are not forgotten nor forsaken.

Sisters Helping Sisters is extremely thankful that the Lord has heard our hearts and that He remembers us! If you are in Hampton Roads, Va, myself, Pastor Tanya Coles, will be featured on The Street Preacher broadcast on WGNT-27, The CW at 6:30am every Sunday morning! I am thankful that the Lord has remembered our ministry and remembered our desire to proclaim the goodness of God to those who lost and in need of encouragement!

This world may say that you are insignificant if you look a certain way, don’t have a degree, or don’t make a certain amount. I, too, was once trapped by the lies of the enemy and believed that I was insignificant. We are here to rebuke the lies of the enemy right now in the name of Jesus! You are not insignificant, you matter to the heart and mind of our Father and Savior! You are not forgotten, your Heavenly Father remembers you!

Etch this truth on your minds and hearts: I am not forgotten. I am not forsaken. The Lord remembers me.

Peace and Blessings

The Breaking…

Ever held a glow stick? In order for it to glow, what do you have to do? You must break it!

You, my friend, are no different! For your light to shine? You must break! Break those old habits, break away from those toxic relationships, and break that train of negative thoughts. You must be broken!

When we are broken, we are able to be used by the Lord for His work! Brokenness brings us closer to our Savior. Brokenness is the key to unlock our true purpose in Christ! Brokenness leads us to wholeness. Brokenness guides us to the arms of the Savior. Brokenness leads to humility and allows us to experience God’s grace and mercy!

Dear friend, the Lord does not despise your brokenness, quite the contrary! Your point of humility, that point of surrender that brokenness brings us to positions us to be used by the Father! This is where we shine! Our weaknesses positions us to be used for His glory and our good! In our weakness, He shines! We were at that point of being down and out, we are able to truly experience the might of God’s power!

Surrender your broken pieces unto the Lord. He will mold them together in a way that you could never imagine. Your broken heart will be the tool used by the Lord to increase your capacity to love, to have compassion, and to experience joy.

Do not forsake the breaking, our friend, the Lord is going to make you shine!

Peace and Blessings