The Silence of Saturday…

Good Friday: While our Savior is getting beaten, lied on, and crucified, this is all apart of God’s plan. It’s possible to cringe at this horrible day being called “good”, it’s always a good day when the Word of God is alive and active.

Resurrection Sunday: We are excited about the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ! When we hear the Word that “He is not here, He is risen!” It makes you want to shout, for sure! To know that the Lord fulfilled His promise is comforting.

What about Saturday? The Word doesn’t tell us much of anything about Saturday. It’s silent.

So you may say to yourself, why are we discussing Easter/Resurrection Sunday in May?! The relevance of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday is year round! We’ve probably had some Good Fridays, we’ve endured trials and tribulations and downright right evil moments. We’ve been lied on, intentionally hurt, and been accused of something we did not do.

Resurrection Sunday is joy-filled, absolutely delight-filled, and exciting! In our faith walk, we’ve rejoiced, we have received the Good News, and we had revelations of God doing exactly what He said He was going to do!

But if we consider hard enough, we can all remember silent Saturdays. Days, months, and years of not hearing God. Perhaps you are in this season, right now. So what do we do in the silence? What do we do when God isn’t saying anything? Let’s look to the scriptures:

In His silence, believe it or not, He is saying something! He is saying be still. He is saying trust Him. He is saying wait. We love to go into our own tool kits and “help God out” but contrary to popular belief, He does not need our help. Even in His silence, He is working.

In His silence, He conquered death, Hell, and the grace. In His silence, He was obtaining the victory. In the silence, He is awaiting for the correct posture of our hearts. He is allowing us to humble ourselves so that we can be in the proper position to receive.

If it’s a season of silent Saturdays, be encouraged! Your Father will do exactly what He said he would do.

Peace and Blessings

The present of His presence…

God’s presence is indeed a present, an amazing gift that surpasses anything this world could offer. And what an important time to maintain that gift!

Believers have and duty and responsibility to seek out the presence of the Father. While it keeps our nerves at bay, it empowers and strengthen the light that dwells within us. That light is needed for such a time as this.

Have you unwrapped His present today? Have you sough out the presence of the Almighty God? You needed it! Those appointed to you need it. This world needs you to indulge in your gift!

Fear is running rampant, the present of His presence is the cure. The exhortation of the Word tells us why:

The fullness of joy that you receive in the Lord’s presence is JUST what this world needs now! It’s going to be evident in your walk, talk, and conduct. While the world is worrying over toilet paper, your calm voice and demeanor will be just what they need. While everyone is afraid of anyone who coughs, you’ll be the one smiling and extending grace.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, “but I’m scared too…” Fear not friend and get into the presence of the Father. Unwrap your gift! Pursue your present. The fullness of joy awaits, not only you, but those whom are in your sphere of influence.

Wisdom in important in this season, and that’s found in His presence. Knowledge is important in this season, and that’s found in His presence. Joy is needed, His presence has it.

Unwrap your present.

Peace and Blessings

What’s in your hand?

“The LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?” Exodus 4:2

Humans tend to operate from a deficit perspective, always quick to number and identify what is in lack. Mighty Moses, who would go on to lead the children of Israel, was also overly concerned with his perceived deficits. The Lord was not concerned with his lack but with the content of his hands. God will use Moses’ staff to perform one of the greatest miracles chronicled in the Bible.

Consider this perspective, what is in your hand? The same question that the Lord asked Moses, he is asking you! God is very aware of our deficits, our weaknesses, and the items we lack. After all, He is our Creator! However, let’s not be consumed with what we do not have and focus on what we do have. God can use our perceived “little” to do much!

Use what’s in your hands and watch your cup overflow. Use what’s in your hands and split your raging seas. Your desire to write, your passion for teaching, your degree in marketing—all can be tools for the kingdom of God! Your love for crafting can lead others to Christ. Your love for cooking can produce joy.

As you surrender all of who you are to Him, He will establish the work of your hands….

So sis, consider this, what’s in your hands? Now, surrender it to God and watch Him use it for His glory and your good.

Peace and Blessings

Waging War…

As believers of God through Jesus Christ, we are consistently engaged in a tremendous battle. Thankfully, we have the victory through the finished work of Jesus Christ. However, our battle still rage on as we exist here on Earth.

We engage in warfare to destroy the works of the devil. Christ accomplished this, once and for all, with his life, death, and resurrection. We are still prevalent to sin, however, because we still exist in the world. But make no mistake, we are not OF the world. No friend, as a born again believer, you belong to God through Jesus Christ. Therefore, you were created to destroy the works of the devil.

Perhaps you are wondering how that is possible. It’s done with the fruit of your lips, with your lifestyle, with the fruit of the Spirit. Your Christian walk is actively destroying the works of the devil. Your prayers, your fasting, your studying-all work together to defeat Satan and his minions. We do not have to go to Hell and get the keys, that’s been accomplished but it is our responsibility to continue to fight the good fight of faith.

We cast down Satan’s mission to steal, kill, destroy with love, building, and giving. We give joy, we command peace, and we extend grace. We triumph over the advances of the enemy with choosing to operate in love, power, and a sound mind. When Satan comes to condemn, we comfort. We Satan comes to discourage, we encourage.

So fight on sis! Continue to wage war with your ministry, your kindness, and your dedication to Christ. Cast off that spirit of fear, you will win! And you will win because Christ already won! Know that you are equipped for the fight. In Christ, you have all you need to destroy the works of the devil.

Wage on, soldier. You got this!

Peace and Blessings


…to establish deeply and firmly.

Which describes you more?

He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers.” Psalm 1:3


And they have no root in themselves, but endure for a while; then, when tribulation or persecution arises on account of the word, immediately they fall away.” Mark 4:17

This introspection may produce an undesirable response, depending how honest we are with ourselves. Are we rooted in Christ, His Word, His promises, and His finished work? Or are our roots found in the temporary existence of this world? Are our roots in our jobs or in the provision of Christ? Are our roots in the roof over our heads or in the refuge of the Most High?

When our roots are in Christ alone, the devastations of this world won’t completely end us. We will be moved but we won’t break. We will encounter dry seasons but we won’t wither away. We will successfully survive the winters and thrive in the Spring. We will take the heat but won’t burn up.

Rooted and being established in Christ let’s everything around us know who we are and whose we are. Our roots in Christ represent where our strength lies. Our roots in Christ will feed and fuel us. Our roots in Christ support us.

Being rooted in Christ manifests this promise for our lives:

Peace and Blessings

All things…

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”
Romans 8:28 NKJV

All things aren’t the things we like or deem tolearable or acceptable. All things aren’t always the open doors, promotions, or raises. All things isn’t always the friendships and relationships.

Sometimes all things are the demotions and the lay-offs. Sometimes all things are the disconnect notices, the closed doors, and the “no’s”. Sometimes all things are the things that annoy us the most.

All things are whatever God desires to use to bring Him glory. All things aren’t in our control or work out in our perceived way. In Christ, there are blessings and sufferings. In Christ, there is an beginning and there is an end. In Christ, you will hear “yes”, “no”, or “nothing at all”. And because, all things work together for your good and His glory, you must trust in Him and His ability.

His sovereignty can be trusted. His shadow can be trusted. His protection can be trusted. His provision can be trusted. His all things can be trusted.

The concept of all things can be a little scary. However, let the following truth encourage you as you know in all things: God is with you, God loves you, and God cares for you:

Peace and Blessings

Not Forgotten.

The Lord remembers that one night that you were on your knees and praying for your loved one.

The Lord remembers when that person betrayed you.

The Lord remembers when you prayed to get free from that relationship.

The Lord remembers when you prayed for healing.

He has not forgotten you. He has not ignored your prayer. He remembers you. He remembers your babies. He remembers your husband. He remembers your finances. He remembers your big dream, vision, and plan.

He remembered Noah and Abraham. He remembered the wombs of Hannah and Rachel. Friend, this is not just for the times of old, this promise is living, breathing, and active!

This truth was extended to the children of Israel but it does not stop there. This truth is for you! As a believer of Christ, you are not forgotten. Not only will He remember you, He will bless you! He blesses you with a brighter light, He blesses you with wisdom, He blesses you with peace, He blesses you with strength.

He promises to never leave or forsake us! A good Father never forgets His children, and believe that our Heavenly Father is a good, good Father.

You are waiting patiently to hear from God. You are waiting for that prayer to get answered. Hold fast, sis. Trust in the Creator of the Universe. Trust in the faithfulness of the One who has NEVER failed you. Trust in your Heavenly Father.

Rejoice even now, He remembers you. You are not forgotten.

Peace and Blessings

The Necessity of Judas

We were created for relationships. Our need for one another is the design of the Father. In order to even be created, we need our mothers and fathers to come together. Then we need our mothers to feed us in her womb. Once born, we need our caregivers to provide love, clothing, food, and shelter. This does not end once we hit that magical and adult age of 18. The need for others just shift…

We are wired to need love, care and compassion in our adulthood. Oh, not to mention the food, clothing, and shelter. Somewhere as we journey throughout life, we will need another person, simply because God wired us that way.

No matter what, relationships with others are necessary. Great caregivers, good friends, and loved ones make for an enriching life experience. Its not the number of people, its the quality.

Peter, John, and James were all keyplayers in the life of Jesus. They were not perfect, but they demonstrate how necessary good people are to our life’s story.

However, our enemies also eqiup us with an enriching life experience. They teach us how to overcome adversity and how to endure trials. They teach us how to suffer. Suffering is a necessary part of the human experience! In the list of promises God gives, suffering is one of them (2 Timothy 3:12)! Without pain and difficulties, how would we know that the Lord heals, that the Holy Spirit comforts, and God restores?

So just like Peter, James, and John, Judas was necessary. His betrayal sent Jesus to the cross. Without His sacrifice on the cross, our sins would not be forgiven and the battle would not be won. Without Judas, our relationship with the Father would be restrictive.

Our enemies are necessary. Our personal “Judas” is necessary. Without them, we wouldn’t have a personal testimony of restoration and healing. Without them, how would we know that we are more than conquerors? Without them, how would we know the fruit that suffering produces?

Appreciate your Johnathan and John. Their love, compassion, and friendship are necessary! Also, appreciate your Judas. Their hurt, pain, and betrayal helps you understand just how close the Lord is to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18). They, too, are necessary.

Peace and Blessings

Who Am I?

An article from the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence argues that the age old question of “Who Am I?” appears for most in adolescence. What a powerful question to consider at a time when hormones are in flux! And when does that important question get answered? At 18? 21? 23? Or does it take a lifetime to figure out who you are?

If we let the world answer that question for us, it will be based off of our socioeconomic status, ethnicity, or income. And while those aforementioned characteristics may have shaped our experiences, they have not formed our identity. We must look to Christ to find out who we are.

Your gender, skin color, and upbringing are indicators of how He has etched you in His likeness and image. Your favorite color, food, and hobbies are indicators of your uniqueness. The origin of your family’s background speaks to versatility of God.

If we proclaim God is our Father, He, alone, has to define who we are. Let’s consider His Word:

You are made in God’s image: Genesis 1:27.

You are a new creation: 2 Corinthians 5:17

You are chosen: 1 Peter 2:9.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14.

You are more than a conqueror: Romans 8:37.

This list is by no means exhaustive, as it is just a small picture of the wonderful, forgiven, being you are! Sisters, plant those seeds into your heart. God did not make a mistake as He was forming you in your mother’s womb. He was well aware of your path as that was already formed in eternity. What better Person to define who we are than the One who created us?

Perhaps the most important answer to the question of who we are can be found here:

You are His child. That is His declared answer to that pressing question. Place your identity in this amazing truth.

Peace and Blessings

The Power of the Morning…

Our mornings are often filled with traffic, coffee, dinging and ringing phones, and rushing to get to our destinations. We rarely have time for much else, how in the world do we fit in quiet time with the Lord?

And then, if we use Instagram pictures and Facebook posts as the rules and regulations for how quiet time should look, we find that we need the following items: cup of coffee/tea, cute pillows, perfect journal, and Bible. Then we need to get up at 6am. We need to take an hour to praise and worship God, sing songs to Him, and read the Word. And then once we do that, we can be on our way.

All of that is nice and wonderful if you are able to do so, but please do not let the pictures and posts set the standard for quiet time with the Lord. Scripture tells us that we simply need a thirst and desire for God. That’s it.

However, there is beauty in seeking the Lord in the morning. Giving Him the firstfruits of our day strengthens us for the day ahead. Giving the Lord a portion of your morning says that nothing else matters, not the few extra moments of sleep, not the coffee, the never-ending notifications, or the million and one things that need to be done. Using the morning to spend time with the Lord sets the standard for the day and sets Him at the beginning of our day.

The morning is the opportunity to cast our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7), to rejoice in the day ahead (Psalm 118:24), and to lean on Him for all understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6). The morning is the moment to surrender completely unto Him. There isn’t a set time, set place, or set order for your praise and worship, just make it authentic and pure.

So no need for the pens, journal or cute pillows. Your heart, willing spirit, and lips are more than enough. And as you seek the Father, laying your requests at His feet, wait expectantly for Him to answer you.

“Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord . Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.” Psalms 5:3

Peace and Blessings