The present of His presence…

God’s presence is indeed a present, an amazing gift that surpasses anything this world could offer. And what an important time to maintain that gift!

Believers have and duty and responsibility to seek out the presence of the Father. While it keeps our nerves at bay, it empowers and strengthen the light that dwells within us. That light is needed for such a time as this.

Have you unwrapped His present today? Have you sough out the presence of the Almighty God? You needed it! Those appointed to you need it. This world needs you to indulge in your gift!

Fear is running rampant, the present of His presence is the cure. The exhortation of the Word tells us why:

The fullness of joy that you receive in the Lord’s presence is JUST what this world needs now! It’s going to be evident in your walk, talk, and conduct. While the world is worrying over toilet paper, your calm voice and demeanor will be just what they need. While everyone is afraid of anyone who coughs, you’ll be the one smiling and extending grace.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, “but I’m scared too…” Fear not friend and get into the presence of the Father. Unwrap your gift! Pursue your present. The fullness of joy awaits, not only you, but those whom are in your sphere of influence.

Wisdom in important in this season, and that’s found in His presence. Knowledge is important in this season, and that’s found in His presence. Joy is needed, His presence has it.

Unwrap your present.

Peace and Blessings