Built (Christ) Tough!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Built Ford Tough”? This phrase has typically been subscribed to Ford trucks because…they’re big! They are pretty sturdy and made with steel. Their wheels are big-simply massive.

Traditionally, when people are considered tough, they, too, are described in similar fashion. Think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s massive and for men, he’s probably considered to be the prototype. For women, perhaps it’s someone like Serena Williams-she’s perceived to be a force to be reckoned with.

Supernaturally, however, the Lord does not look at the physical to perceive one’s strength. He doesn’t look at muscles, height, or athletic ability. We should be thankful for that! The Rock and Serena are unique human beings-and so are YOU! When the Lord looks at strength or maturity, let’s consider this verse:

Gentleness will win every time! Let’s strive to be built Christ tough! It’s kindness, patience, and love that demonstrates strength. Think about the world we live in? Do we need another person to yell? No. Do we need another “strong” opinion? Absolutely not. We need gentle responses to wrath. We need soft responses to anger tones. We need love as Satan, author of hate, roams the Earth seeking whom he may devour.

Woman of God, as you engage in this spiritual warfare, be built Christ tough. Be kind. Be gentle. Speak the truth in love. Choose silence. Choose love. Choose to smile instead of frown. Choose to be patient.

Know that the love you show to others, the kindness to show to others, the prayers you pray, the hospitality you show, the choice to be submissive to the Lord and your husband, the care you give to your household-this is what makes you strong! The tears that flow, the joy you show, and the quiet beauty you possess-these are demonstrations of true strength!

Mighty daughter of the King, know that you are built CHRIST tough! And this is stronger than any natural strength you could ever have!

Peace and Blessings

Rejoice Always…

This concept can be foreign to many people during this day and time. What, some people may ask, do we have to rejoice over? The pandemic is happening, many people are out of work, it’s difficult to spend time with family during this time, and many people are experiencing economic problems in this season.

And yet, the scripture tells us to rejoice always (see Philippians 4:4). It can be a little challenging, depending on the situation. However, the command still stands: rejoice always. So what do we have to rejoice over? Let’s look to the Word of God:

We rejoice because we are clothed in garments of salvation. We rejoice because we are covered with a robe of righteousness. Salvation and righteousness are our portion in Christ and this is why we always rejoice.

We do not rejoice in our circumstances that are forever changing. We do not rejoice in our health that is always fleeting. We do not rejoice in a full bank account. Our rejoicing is for the Lord alone and what He has done for us.

Salvation leads us to Him. Righteousness is the right position for us as we live for the Lord. Our soul is most complete in Jesus. This is why we rejoice.

Maybe your holiday plans fell through. Maybe you have to celebrate without that beloved family member. Maybe your hours aren’t as plentiful due to restrictions associated with COVID. Friend, we still must rejoice. As hard as it may be, as challenging as it may feel-we must rejoice. We must rejoice in the Lord alone.

May we make this exhortation our posture forever: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

Peace and Blessings

Peace In The Valley…

Mountain top moments offer tons of peace, happiness, joy, and any other exciting adjective one can name. The mountain top offers a view that cannot be found any where else. The mountain top makes you feel so close to God.

How about the valley? Those low moments of life rarely appear to have anything good about them. In the valley, you are just ready for it to be over. The valley is uncomfortable, tiresome, and just downright annoying. However, the peace that’s experienced on the mountaintop and be found in the valley.

Peace exists the valley friends! Do you find yourself experiencing a valley moment? Declare peace! Do you find yourself in a humbling season? Speak peace over your situation! Peace exists as we choose to walk alongside Christ. Hold onto the Lord’s hand and watch Him extend peace in the midst of the storm.

Joy can exist in the valley because of peace. Your view can be clear in the valley because of peace. Strength exists in the valley. Victory exists in the valley.

Press on, friend and our prayer for you is that there may be peace in the valley.

Peace and Blessings

Peace-filled Promise…

The world is ever-changing. Think about life: 10 years ago, 5 years ago…what’s been consistent? The same? Instability doesn’t leave much room for peace. If the news is your source, it tells you that there is much to fear: violence, economic struggle, and pretty much every horrible thing you can think or imagine.

But be encouraged and let the Word of God be your source! Subscribe to the promises of God and not the news of the World. The Word is God is the same and stands the test of time.

“…you belong to Christ Jesus…” Philippians 4:7

Belonging to the family of Christ creates a stability and peace that this world could never offer. This absolute is the most powerful truth of your life. Belonging to Christ sets a standard for your life. This world is passing away, but being in Christ is forever. What an incredible position!

“God’s peace will stand guard over all your thoughts and feelings…” Philippians 4:7

And because you belong to Christ, you are a recipient of God’s peace! Thats incredible! His peace stands in the midst of our chaotic lives. His peace stands over our unstable thoughts and feelings. His peace stands regardless of our pain, worries, and sorrows. Rest in His peace-filled stance over your life.


“His peace can do this far better than our human minds.” Philippians 4:7

We tend to get super creative when we are in distress, whether it’s running to our favorite “hiding” place to avoid the issue or if it’s creating our own plan because we don’t believe that God knows about our struggle. Our problen solving skills are unmatched when it comes to our Father! Agree and accept His promise for peace.

Resting in His promise for peace is far better than anything you can think of doing!

My sister, let me leave you with this empowering reminder, birthed from Philippians 4:6:

And be at peace.

Peace and Blessings