Problem or Process…

Problems are annoying, let’s just be transparent about it! No need to sugarcoat it, problems are nuisances and they are something that we do not desire.

However, have we ever considered that problems may very well be apart of the process? In order to get to the desired location, you have to go through somewhere else. In order to grow, you must go! Think about being pregnant: the belly is growing, feet are swelling, and hormones are changing. There are lots of “problems” that come along with being pregnant: buying bigger clothes, preparing a budget for the addition, and the overall adjustment for the plus one. But isn’t the reward sweet, probably the sweetest thing you’ve known (outside of knowing Jesus, of course)?

Problems are a part of the process: the process of becoming, the process of growing, and the process of being stronger and wiser. Those fruitful attributes are not obtained without hardships and trials, the Word tells us so:

Problems can produce endurance, patience, hope and confidence. Problems lead us to becoming perfected in Christ. Problems are simply a part of the process. Problems can shape and mold you!

So we won’t deny that problems are inconvenient and bothersome. We won’t deny that we really don’t want to deal with problems. We won’t deny that problems are troubling.


We will say that whatever comes our way, good or bad, will refine us. We will declare that whatever hardships stand it our way, that it will not overtake us. We will shout that our problems are not bigger than our amazing Father! We will decree that problems will lead to our victory!

Be encouraged, our sister, it’s all a part of the beautiful process.

Peace and Blessings