The Comfort of the Closet…

Have you ever read this scripture and thought about a million reasons why your actual closet would never work? The million and one things thats in there, the cleaning you would have to do in order to fit into your closet, the size…and the list goes on.

Thank the Lord that He is willing to accept all forms of the closet! Your journal, your alone time in the bathroom, an empty bedroom, your car, the backyard, your office-whatever space that you are able to use in order to spend some alone time with the Lord. The closet is all about intentionality, focus, and submission.

Your closet, whereever that may be, is a place of comfort. A place where you can cry out, scream out, or simply be silent. A place where all those cares that are weighing you down can be cast. A place where you can meet the Lord.

Let your secret place comfort you as you seek the sanctuary of the Lord. Let the strength of your private ministry bear (good) fruit. As you seek the Lord in your secret place, your smile will get bigger, your shout will get louder, and your wisdom will increase exponentially.

Let your closet, whatever and whereever that may be, comfort you.

Peace and Blessings

Our Daily Bread…

So bread is not actually bread. Jesus was speaking of the spiritual food. The intentionality of the verbiage of this scripture shouldn’t be overlooked.

Daily bread.

Not bread for 6 months or a year. This scripture says, daily, bread. So here’s the thing, wouldn’t it be just lovely to get what we need for longer than a day? Wouldn’t it be convenient to store up wisdom, mercy, and faith for longer than a day?

The provision of daily bread requires us to trust God each and every day. The asking of daily bread requires daily conversations with the Father. We serve a God who longs to fellowship with His children each and every day. The daily aspect of that amazing word requires us not to lean on our own understanding or resources but we must trust in His ability to provide for us. We must trust in His faithfulness to give us what we need every day in order to make it through that day.

Let’s not be like the children of Israel storing up manna and ending up with maggots on it (Exodus 16:20). Yesterday’s wisdom won’t suffice for today’s trial. The daily provision of mercy sees us through today. The measure of faith you have today needs to increase tomorrow for that big dream you are working on.

The Father promises to give you what you need. If Christ crafted this prayer for us (and He did), know that the Father will absolutely do what you ask. His Word promises not to return to Him void. Surrender your cares and concerns to Him and He will give you exactly what you need.

Trust Him, your daily bread is just enough for today.

Peace and Blessings