When things are dry-they break, they crack, and they split. When you are hungry, you feel pain and cramps. When you are full, you are satisfied. When you drink water, you are quenched. However, eventually you will be hungry again and you will thirst again-the cycle continues until it doesn’t.

Oh my friend, this is not so for our lives in Christ! The Word of God leaves you fulfilled. The Word of God satisfies forevermore. He doesn’t leave you dry nor does he leave you with hunger pains. In Him, you are blessed, fulfilled, and complete.

You won’t be filled chasing after the world’s desires or earthly treasures. You will be left high and dry if you pursue the things of the world. Fulfillment and satisfaction can only be found in the will of God. You are quenched with doing the plan of God. You are filled when you strive to live a life of righteousness. Righteousness is all about staying connected to the heart of God and the things that matter to Him.

Our natural bodies need water and food for survival but our soul needs the Savior. This body will come to an end but our spirit will continue on. Our spirit man needs to be fueled.

When we find ourselves thirsty, may we run to the Living Water. When we find ourselves hungry, may we fall on our knees in prayer. May we experience the flow of water in a dry and parched land. In Christ, may we be fulfilled.

Peace and Blessings


Life has a tendency to knock us down every once in a while. Sometimes its our actions, other times, its just simply the hardships that come along with being in this world. Being a child of God does not exempt us from falling and suffering. Matter of fact, being a child of God is a guarantee of adversity and suffering.

Even with God directly by their side, the children of Israel encountered the same trials. Much of their troubles came from their choices and we are no different. How many times have your choices gotten you in trouble? But thank God for grace and mercy! His redemptive nature is always available to us!

Have you fallen lately? Take heed to the directive found in Isaiah 60:1!

We will all stumble and we will all fall, but the important thing to consider is what will you do after you fall? Will you stay down and defeated? God forbid! The scripture tells us to arise! This scripture comes after the children of Israel sinned against God (check out Isaiah 59). After being chastised by the Lord, He tells them to arise and shine!

My friend, the same applies to YOU! This is not an outdated directive! The Lord knew we are prone to falling and sinning. He knows we have a tendency to fall to the snares of the enemy. And He knows that we are just plain silly and foolish at times.

However, because of His grace, mercy, and unconditional love, we, too, can arise and shine! The light of the world, which is Jesus Christ, has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon us which is the Holy Spirit!

So sister, arise and shine! “You are the light that shines for the world to see…” (Matthew 5:14 ERV). Shine so that you can point others to Christ! Shine and reflect the glory of the Lord that rests upon you because of your decision to choose Christ. Arise and demonstrate the faithfulness and forgiveness of the Father! Arise and show the world what perseverance and strength looks like. Arise and stand victorious! Shine and illuminate the beauty and vitaliy of God!

Sis, get up and shine!

Peace and Blessings