The Parallel Process…

In the world of Human Services (and other professions), the parallel process is stressed. The concept is that as the operation of the agency affects how clients or families operate in their home.

For example, with home visiting, the supervisor is attentive, reflective, and supportive to their staff so that when the staff member goes into the home-they will also be reflective, supportive, and attentive to their families they are serving. In return, the hope is that the caregivers of the family will be supportive, reflective, and attentive to their children.

This parallel process is reflected in our relationship with God as well. God, the Father, loves us freely, forgives freely, and extends grace frequently. He does this as we accept Him. He does this as we ask Him. We, in return, are called to love others freely, forgive others freely, and extend grace to others frequently. As we do these things, perhaps others will do it in return. Perhaps as you love because you are loved, others will come to love God through Jesus Christ.

The next time someone makes you mad, frustrates you, or hurts you-remember the power of this process. Remember how you are loved without reservation. Remember how ALL our sins are forgiven. Remember the grace you freely receive everyday.

We know it’s hard to love and forgive those who are your enemies. It’s hard to extend grace to the same person about the same thing over and over again. But lean on the Lord for that strength, lean on the Lord for that encouragement, and lean on Him because He loves you and cares for you!

The parallel process in Christ helps you tell the world about Christ’s love and power! This process helps us to remember how we are loved and forgiven by the Lord. This process helps His name be spread around the world!

Tell the world about Christ with your love, forgiveness, and grace!

Peace and Blessings

Death to Tradition…

The upcoming Independence Day celebrations are going to look a little different for many people. Some states are still restricting large gatherings. Many areas have canceled fireworks. And many people of color are opting out of celebrating the holiday as July 1776 did not offer freedom for enslaved African Americans. Traditions will take on a new face this holiday and others to come.

Traditions can help us feel some sort of normalcy. When our traditions are disrupted, that can make us feel uneasy. We tend to hold on to traditions, simply because that is what was always done.

However, we must be willing to explore the traditions we hold dear. Is it beneficial? Is it biblical? Is it what God wants us to do? The Word of God echoes that while traditions are permissible, they are not always beneficial.

What traditions of men are you treasuring more than the Word of God? It is the commandment of God that must prevail over traditions! We can not compromise what the Lord says simply because it has always been done that way. Examine your order of service. Examine the way you may feel about those who wear jeans instead of a long dress to church. Examine the way you feel about those who opt out of church. Examine the leadership positions, the celebrations, and the anniversaries.

We must be sure that we are not confusing tradition with the commandment of God. His command comes first and the rest falls second.

Jesus defies tradition by eating with taxpayers and prostitutes. Jesus defies tradition by healing on the Sabbath. Jesus defies tradition by permitting salvation for the gentiles in addition to the children of Israel.

His defiance towards tradition led to our salvation! You were healed, delivered, and set free by the commandment of God and not tradition. So death to tradition as the commandment of God through our Lord Jesus Christ reigns on!

Peace and Blessings


This Christian walk requires boldness. As a believer in Jesus Christ, the world tells us that everything we believe is ridiculous and foolish. And we must turn our backs to the message of the world and submit to the message of the cross.

What a bold stance.

Boldness is a key characteristic of a follower of Jesus Christ. We must go against the grain and stand when the world tells us to bow: bow to our jobs, bow to sickness and disease, and bow to sexual immorality.

We must be bold. We must look in the face of everything that contradicts our faith and declare that we will believe God over what we see, over what they say, and over what they do.

So how do we be bold? How do we turn our backs to this world and it’s way? We visit the throne of grace:

Our boldness comes from the throne that sits our Father and His Son. The throne of grace is where the mercy and grace we so desperately need in order to be bold for Christ. The throne is where the confidence rests that is connected to our boldness. The throne is what we face we are trying to avoid the world and it’s ways.

The throne is our focal point. This is how we be bold. This is how we take our bold stance. This is how we focus on the message of the cross.

So continue to stand strong. Continue to press forward in a world that is calling you to compromise. Continue to follow the purpose Christ has placed inside of you.

Continue to be bold for Christ.

Peace and Blessings


“…I, Deborah arose…” Judges 5:7

Hi friend, do you know that your name can be easily substituted for Deborah? Try it out.

I, _____________ arose.

It’s quite the bold statement when you really think about it. Arising means that you will take action. Arising means answering the call. Arising means 4am prayer sessions and intentional Bible studies. Arising means starting the business. Arising means casting out demonic spirits. Arising means saying no to good things and saying yes to God things. Arising is decreasing so He can increase.

The statement sounds powerful because IT IS powerful. The statement warrants wisdom, leadership, and discernment. The statement involves a charge. It requires boldness and courage. Are you ready to arise?

Will you arise sis? Will you arise for your family, your community, and your loved ones? Will you arise for the generation coming after you? Will you arise to actively proclaim God’s goodness and glory?

Businesses and organizations are waiting for you to rise up. Your children’s children need you to arise. You’ve got what it takes! You answering the call will transforms nations, communities, and families. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, you are good enough, you are graced enough to stand up for God and to be ALL that He’s called you to be.

You don’t need anyone’s permission, you were made to arise, to stand, and to be bold for Christ.

He’s calling out to you, will you arise?

Peace and Blessings


Provision: God will provide for the vision. Provision. Dreams can be big and intimidating. They say if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.

As God is the Creator of the Universe, one can only imagine the magnitude of dreams and visions that He is birthing inside of believers. But yet, we crush those visions and kill those dreams as we wonder, how will it get done? And we wonder, who will provide for the vision and dream?

The Creator of LIFE is using YOU to do great works. And if He is using YOU to do great works, He will provide for YOU. He will cause doors to open that you never imagined. He will cause people to be generous to you for no apparent reason. He will plant people in your life with the same exact dream and vision.

Will you trust in the One who provided the vision? Will you believe in the Creator of your dream? Of your deepest desire? He planted that MASSIVE dream in you, will you trust Him today to do what He crafted you to do?

Plant His promise to you as you dream your big dreams. Remember His Word as you are blessed with the house and car. Remember the fact that He generously supplies all that you need.

Hold tight to this version of the above scripture: “God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.” 2 Corinthians 9:8

Peace and Blessings


Sisters Helping Sisters usually post our devotionals on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This past Thursday, we dropped the ball. Instead of beating ourselves down, instead of criticizing ourselves, which is so easy to do, we made the hard decision to show ourselves a little grace.

Grace is making the decision not to condemn yourself, grace is exercising forgiveness, grace is getting back up again. Grace can be defined as “not giving yourself what you deserve” (Author Unknown). The Word tells us that grace is given by the Lord:

And if the Lord can give us grace, why won’t we extend grace to ourselves? When is the last time you showed yourself grace?

Maybe you forgot about that meeting. You burnt dinner. You neglected that obligation. Instead of condemnation, choose grace. Choose to get back up again. Choose to try again tomorrow.

My friend, you are not perfect and that is okay. You can achieve much when you opt to forgive yourself. Grace helps you not to make the same choice again. Be empowered by the gift of grace that the Heavenly Father extends to you each and every day. Trust in His gift, it saved your life (check out Ephesians 2:8-9).

As you propel forward in your day, be strengthened by this exhortation: “May grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” 2 Peter 1:2 CSB

Peace and Blessings


Life has a tendency to knock us down every once in a while. Sometimes its our actions, other times, its just simply the hardships that come along with being in this world. Being a child of God does not exempt us from falling and suffering. Matter of fact, being a child of God is a guarantee of adversity and suffering.

Even with God directly by their side, the children of Israel encountered the same trials. Much of their troubles came from their choices and we are no different. How many times have your choices gotten you in trouble? But thank God for grace and mercy! His redemptive nature is always available to us!

Have you fallen lately? Take heed to the directive found in Isaiah 60:1!

We will all stumble and we will all fall, but the important thing to consider is what will you do after you fall? Will you stay down and defeated? God forbid! The scripture tells us to arise! This scripture comes after the children of Israel sinned against God (check out Isaiah 59). After being chastised by the Lord, He tells them to arise and shine!

My friend, the same applies to YOU! This is not an outdated directive! The Lord knew we are prone to falling and sinning. He knows we have a tendency to fall to the snares of the enemy. And He knows that we are just plain silly and foolish at times.

However, because of His grace, mercy, and unconditional love, we, too, can arise and shine! The light of the world, which is Jesus Christ, has come! The glory of the Lord has risen upon us which is the Holy Spirit!

So sister, arise and shine! “You are the light that shines for the world to see…” (Matthew 5:14 ERV). Shine so that you can point others to Christ! Shine and reflect the glory of the Lord that rests upon you because of your decision to choose Christ. Arise and demonstrate the faithfulness and forgiveness of the Father! Arise and show the world what perseverance and strength looks like. Arise and stand victorious! Shine and illuminate the beauty and vitaliy of God!

Sis, get up and shine!

Peace and Blessings