Thy Will Be Done.

We all have plans, desires, wants and needs. We have, a will, essentially. And our will usually prevails.

You want chocolate? Usually, you get chocolate. You want to buy a home? Usually, that’s accomplished. You desire a vehicle? If resources permit, you will get a car. And the list goes on. Your will is usually done.

But what about Thy Will, the Lord’s will?

Thy will be done is a stretch beyond ourselves. Thy will being done is often times a prick on our flesh. Thy will being done is all about us decreasing and the Lord increasing. Thy will requires sacrifice, submission, and obedience. Thy will be done is about accomplishing the plans of God’s kingdom.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the chocolate, desiring the house, and wanting the car but let’s ask ourselves, will God’s will prevail? Will we seek His plan more than ours? Are we willing to sacrifice it all for the Lord?

We have an amazing Father who wants to give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4) but first we must first delight ourselves in Him. We don’t have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with us, He knows the flesh has desires but His will must be done.

Will we echo the cry of Jesus or yield to our own will? The answer has been made available to us:

Thy will being done produces fruit for generations to come. Thy will is more powerful and life-changing than anything we can think of with our limited nature. Thy will be done is a scary, dangerous, and downright nerve-wrecking decision. It can require you to give it all up. It may charge you to launch out in a way that intimidates you. However, God’s will being done will change your life and places you under the protection of the Father.

With boldness or fear and trembling, may we all cry out: nevertheless, not my will but thy will be done.

Peace and Blessings