What’s Your Function?

Everything has a function. A pencil, seed, or a car—everything is designed to do something. It’s title is really irrelevant if it is not functioning in its appropriate capacity.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have if it does not move. A computer isn’t really owning up to its name if it does not do what it is created to do. The same applies to your phone and television.

So, what’s your function? What have you been designed to do? We all have a function. We all are created to do something, to be productive. What is your purpose?

We all have a corporate function as the body of Christ and that’s to spread the Good News. We are all designed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But how? Are you created to stand behind a pulpit? Host a monthly Bible study? Write devotionals? Sing prophetically?

A title is irrelevant if it is not operating in the appropriate capacity. A Pastor himself does not bring salvation to the lost. However, the function of a Pastor helps draw others to Christ. The Prophet is insignificant if she does not do what she is designed to do. It is not the title that will change lives, it is the function of that title that will serve as a conduit for the Good News.

You have been called, in that calling, there is a function. And that is where you have to connect your mission and purpose. Your function is where God gets the glory. Your function is where you find your identity. Your function impacts generations. Your function breaks generational curses. Your function will change your world.

So we ask again, what is your function?

Peace and Blessings