Fruit(s) of Failure…

Almost sounds like an oxymoron-failure birthing fruit. How can failure, which can be interpreted as the end of a thing, birth anything? That is the beauty of our Savior, there can be beauty behind a closed door!

“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning…” Ecclesiastes 7:8 Failure is often associated with the end of something or opportunity, like the denial of a job or denial of an opportunity. However, consider this perspective, what was the Lord protecting you from? What if this moment of perceived failure was God’s protection? The fruit of failure can very well be God’s protection. We have a desired plan and path but we must trust more in the Creator of our path.

As one journey ends, it creates room for another to begin. A denied job opportunity could be God’s direction. As He steers you away from one thing, He is directing you to another. Imagine this moment of perceived failure being fruit-full. Re-imagine this moment of that closed door as being God’s good thing for your life.

Failure can birth so many lessons learned! Failure can lead to the true understanding of repentance. The fruit of failure can birth an deeper understanding of submission. Failure teaches you how to get up again. It can lead to endurance, character, and hope-these are the fruit(s) of failure.

Our failure leads to His glory!

Reshape that moment of failure, reshape that end, that closed door, and the denial of that opportunity and know that it places you one step close to learning how the Lord, your God, is your strength and your portion, forever.

Peace and Blessings

Spirit of Abortion…

Abort: bring to a premature end because of a problem or fault.

How many times have we walked away from a business, a degree, or a ministry project because it got difficult, because life got in the way, or because money got funny? We all have something we ended due to some reason or situation. Sis, we get it. However, we should NOT abort the very mission, purpose, or plan that God has planted within us!

Humans struggle with enduring, with staying the course. If the “going gets tough“, we usually stop “going”. People of God, what He has birthed in us cannot come to an end for whatever reason. We were created with a purpose and plan. If God said it, it must be so! In Him, we will overcome whatever obstacle that is in our way.

We tend to stay the course when it’s to our benefit, when we can experience the results in a tangible way. You got the degree, the house, and the promotion because you stayed the course. This must be true for the act of service God has created you for as well. The degrees, homes, and positions are absolutely meaningless if we are not doing what God has called us to do.

Rebuke that spirit of abortion that is trying to settle into your mindset! Stay the course! Endure! Finish the race! Continue to serve! Continue to develop that vision for your ministry, start the business, start the nonprofit, just stay the course! There are generations behind you who will thrive from your perseverance.

Our prayer for you is that you avoid the desire to abort. We pray that you stay the course, endure, and press your way through. May the promise below take root in your heart and may it manifest in your very corner of your life.

Peace and Blessings