Distraction or Discernment?

Do you know the difference? Picture this: You are headed to a destination and you see a store and suddenly remember that you need bread and milk so you stop now as oppose to later. You get your items and head on your way. Later on, you hear of an accident right around the time you were stopped at the store for bread and milk.

Such a simple example that has lasting implications. Was it discernment that sent you in a different direction or did you simply get distracted?

Discernment draws you closer to God. Discernment draws you closer to your purpose. Discernment prevents unnecessary pain. A distraction takes you further away from what you are trying to accomplish. A distraction moves you further away from God.

We must be able to know the voice of our God. That voice leads and guides us. That voice is the one thing that matters above all the noise of this world. If we are His, we know His voice:

And if you are familiar with the Father’s voice, you have discernment. You won’t fall for every distraction. And that takes training. Learning the difference between distraction and discernment takes time and much prayer. Discernment requires study and focus. Discernment requires submission.

We have to examine ourselves, examine what and whom we are listening to, and examine the direction of the voice that is before us. Does it take us to the Father? Does that voice lead us to follow Him? Does that voice lead us to safety?

We all get distracted but thank God for His grace that extends forgiveness and His mercy that keeps us covered. That distraction isn’t our end! The gift of discernment tells us to turn away and walk towards our Father.

May we all seek after and pursue with all passion the gift of discernment so that we can cling even more to our Father.

Peace and Blessings

Dear Martha:

“…Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things…” Luke‬ ‭10:41-42‬

Oh Martha, how many of our names could be easily be substituted for Martha’s name? And how many of us find ourselves chastising Martha?! Perhaps as you’ve read this verse, you have said: “Couldn’t be me!” “I would be worshipping the Lord if He was in my presence!” “Martha is silly!”

Oh friends, it’s so easy to judge Martha but if we take an honest look at ourselves, we would see Martha in us. Think about the many times your prayers were disrupted by your anxious thoughts. Think about the many times we have opted to serve instead of sit. When worries and anxieties plague us, they are taking the very seat intended for Jesus. When we opt to carry our cares instead of cast them, we become Martha.

Have you found yourself being Martha? Have you have found yourself identifying those who aren’t laboring alongside you because they are choosing to sit, choosing to fast, and choosing to pray? If you’ve found yourself complaining about your own “Mary”, let’s look to the Word of God for the proper position:

Mary’s decision to sit before Jesus is the best position we can take! Dear Martha, we know there are tables to be cleaned and food to be prepared but being seated at the feet of Jesus will give you the strength needed to clean and cook. Dear Martha, your anxiety and troubles are best at the Savior’s feet, not on your shoulders. Let’s be committed to be a Mary in a world full of Marthas. Let’s be committed to having a Mary’s heart in a Martha’s world.

Dear Martha, sit at the feet of your Savior. He is more important than any table you will set or any meal you will prepare. His presence is all you need. His presence trumps your service. There are so many things fighting for your attention and your affections but Martha choose what is necessary and don’t let that be taken from you.

Peace and Blessings

The Road to Damascus…

For Saul, eventually Paul, the road to Damascus was dark, filled with hunger, and filled with thirst, but it was life changing. Perhaps you are able to relate to Paul’s story? He met the Lord in the middle of his mess. He encountered the Savior right after he finished doing his dirt.

Have you ever heard from the Lord right after you did your dirt? In the middle of your mess? As followers of Christ, we have all had or will have our Road to Damascus. But fret not! Even in the middle of our mess, the Lord still bless!

God’s guidance: They led him to Damascus (Acts 9:8). You are not alone! The Lord always gives us natural assistance to get us to our supernatural destination! They will take us by the hand and get us to where God wants us. Look at your circle, maybe they are still with you or maybe they are not but God has placed guides in your life so that you are able to get to Him!

The beauty of God’s strategic plan: The Lord was not leading Saul/Paul idly. He knows the end from the beginning. He placed Ananias at the end of his road because He knew that Saul/Paul would need to be strengthened and encouraged. Ananias was strategically placed to lay hands on Saul, eventually Paul. He was there to feed Saul, spiritually and physically.

The scales fell: As we encounter the road to Damascus, there are things that blind us from what God wants us to see. Maybe it’s tradition for some. It was for Saul/Paul, he was blinded by tradition. For some, it could be a relationship. For others, it could be the trouble of our past. With so many distractions, we have to be intentional about ensuring that we remove the scales that can sometimes find their way to our eyes.

Perhaps the most powerful lesson about our Road to Damascus is what happens after:

For Saul, who was also called Paul, the Road to Damascus placed him in the Lord’s will and he became a notable figure for the kingdom of God. Because of his journey, generations came to know Christ.

This is true for your Road to Damascus. Your name will change, your position will change, and your journey will serve as a conduit for others to know Christ. You will receive God’s guidance, you will become a part of God’s strategic plan, and you may enter blind but eventually you will see.

Peace and Blessings


Staying focused on a task these days can prove to be quite difficult. How many times have you gotten distracted while doing a task? Distractions can be hard to ignore: a ringing phone, a chatty coworker, or a wandering thought-we’ve all been there! And once you attend to the distraction, at times, it can be difficult to get back on track.

We can probably relate to Peter in more ways than one: Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” Matthew 14:29-30

We must stay focused on our journey with the Lord. Peter got distracted by the winds and waves, haven’t we all been there? But imagine what Peter could have achieved if he just remained focused on the Lord?!

Imagine how your prayer life, how your bible study, and ministry life would be strengthened if you just remained focused on the Lord. The winds and the waves of life are so incredibly ever-present, but so is the Lord, YOUR God! He has authority over the winds and the waves!

He is with you, even in the midst of the winds and waves of life. As you focus on Him, begin to speak to those winds and waves, telling them to be still! As you focus on the Lord, tell your winds and waves that they won’t distract you from your mission and purpose in Christ. Cliche but true, tell your winds and waves how BIG your God is!

Just focus and walk, trusting Him along the way, with your winds and waves.

Peace and Blessings

Damaging Distractions…

Is there such a thing as a good distraction? It’s possible. Some distractions causes us to slow down and to be fully present. Other distractions can cause us to enjoy the little things. And it is very possible that some distractions make us pause and appreciate the beauty of God.

As our attention revert eleswhere, we must discern whether a distraction is pulling us closer to God or away from Him.

Is that relationship drawing you to Christ? Does your career cause you to seek God more? Is whatever new assignment you said “yes” to fulfilling your God’s given purpose?

Some distractions can be damaging. Some can delay your assignment. Some can pull you away from God. We must be careful about what gets our attention.

Our gaze must continuously focused on the Father, considering carefully what and who gets our attention (Proverbs 4:25-26). What’s taking us away from the safety of the Father? In this world, we are easily distracted and we must filter that distraction through the lens of the Gospel and our mission.

You have an adversary, just waiting for you to become distracted so that he can destroy that vision, steal your joy, and kill your dreams. Satan never strays from his primary function, be sure njoy to stray from yours. Use wisdom and stay focused.

What distraction have you turned to? Which door should close? Which relationship should end? Which assignment should you end? Fix your gaze on the Lord and He will establish the way for you.

Peace and Blessings