Have you been running on empty? Have you been wandering aimlessly? Have you just felt dry? Here’s a promise for you:

Surrender that dry feeling unto the Lord! Surrender that weak feeling to the Lord! Surrender that lost sense of direction to the Lord!

He wants to restore you, guide you, and give you that Living Water! He is here for you no matter how rough things may get. We must seek His face for his reviving water. We must pray to experience is refreshing presence. We must have faith that the ever-flowing spring is manifesting in our lives.

Your words have power, sister. Declare this promise over your life right now. Declare that your prayer life is ever-flowing, your finances are ever-flowing, and your joy is unstoppable.

And as we declare this truth, may we see our garden, our well-watered garden, full of faith, love, joy, and peace.

Peace and Blessings

Your Way or Yahweh?

Have you ever tried to get to a destination off of memory? You rely on landmarks, you jog your memory, and you end up lost. Eventually, you find yourself turning on Google Maps and then you get re-routed and back on track.

While this scenario is applicable for traveling to a physical destination, this is also true for a spiritual destination. When trying to figure out the best way to go, we will talk to our best friend, seek out a self-help book, and even talk to our Mama. And while our friends and family may have the best intentions, they should not be our first resource. We have to surrender the way we think we should go, we should give up trying to go our way and try Yahweh.

Jesus, Jehovah, Yahweh, Immanuel-No matter what name we call Him-He is the way, the truth, and the life! We have to surrender our way to Him! We must give up the path we think we know for the path He created for us. His way will lead us in the way everlasting. His way will lead us right to Him! The Lord our God has not left us alone to figure this road called life out, His Word is our guide. The Holy Spirit has been sent to lead us.

As we consider our way or Yahweh, let’s look to the Word for direction:

Peace and Blessings