Now Faith!

Faith is present, active, living and breathing. Faith is not a “thing of the past” or a one and done type of thinking pattern. Faith is a choice and faith is required every day.

Now faith is a position that believers must take at all times. No matter your current state or current level of functioning. Now faith is something that must be declared every moment of every day. Not only in word but in deed:

Now faith is what we need to destroy the yoke of the enemy! Now faith is what we need to bind the demonic spirits that try to keep us bound! Now faith is what we need to remain confident in the faithfulness of Christ! Now faith is the confidence we need to hold on to the hope that is in Christ Jesus.

Now faith is lived out. It’s in our walk, our talk, and our conduct. We use our faith, not to wish for a miracle, but to wait for a miracle! We have now faith, not to hang our heads low, but to hold our heads high! Live out your faith friends!

Our faith stands as our witness. Our faith leads our unsaved loved ones to Christ. Our faith keeps us during our trials and tribulations. Our faith knows that the Holy Spirit leads us and guides us in all truth and understanding.

The prayers of our loved ones have brought us a mighty long way but it is our NOW FAITH that we see us all the way through!

Peace and Blessings

Clear Vision…

The messages and sermons on vision this year are probably endless. 20/20 is good vision, right?! However, it’s probably been a little tough to see the good in 2020. With COVID, death, social unrest, natural disasters, and numerous other issues, seeing the good in it all can be rather difficult, one can imagine.

If that is all that you are seeing, it’s time to correct your vision. Yes, the trials and tribulations are ever present but so is the goodness of the Lord! Let’s look to the Word of God to help clear our vision:

Friends, we know that you are seeing the devastation of the coronavirus and the sadness of racism but we want to encourage you to see the Lord at work. Be confident in seeing the goodness of the Lord.

Reconciliation is taking place as conversations about race are happening. The Lord still heals as we hear of those who have recovered from COVID. People are still getting jobs in this season of layoffs. The goodness of the Lord is still here in the land of the living! Will we look and see? Will we clear our vision to see the Lord’s hand in the midst of it all?

Be determined to see the movement of God. The blood still works! The Lord still heals! Jesus is still very real! Let’s set our sights on our Father so we can see His goodness in the midst of pain and heartache! We clear our vision by focusing on our Savior.

This world, its worries and woes, will all pass away, and the goodness of the Lord will forever stand.

Will you remain confident in this, that you will see the goodness of the Lord?

Peace and Blessings

The Hands of the Lord…

Ezra repeatedly mentions how the “hand of God” was upon him as he was leading the third group of exiles back to Judah/Jerusalem.

If you have a little one or perhaps have cared for one, think about why you have your hands on them. Perhaps you are guiding them as they are learning how to walk, perhaps you are teaching them how to do an activity, or maybe you are simply showing them that you care for them. Either way, your hands signified love and direction.

This was true for Ezra and this is true for you. Ezra 7 details how the “good hand of his God was on him”. This hand gave him the confidence to ask for what he needed to get back to Jerusalem. He was provided with confidence, courage and provision for the journey. This is how you know that Ezra was headed in the right direction.

Ezra’s story is also proof on how you will know that the Lord has His hands on you. You will receive the courage you need, you will receive the confidence you need, and you will receive the provision you need for your journey! You will receive the favor of “kings” because the good hand of the Lord, your God, is upon you!

His hands lets you know that you are in His plan.

You are protected with the hands of the Lord. His hands will protect you from the snare of your enemy. His hands shield the fiery arrows that frequently come your way. You are loved with the hands of the Lord. Just like your hand was held by your caregiver and loved one, you are guided by the hand of the Lord, your God.

As you walk in His purpose and plan, you are led by His hand.

Peace and Blessings

Empty Prayers…

Empty Prayers may be considered an oxymoron but they are quite possible. Praying requires action. It’s more than getting down on your knees, pacing the floor, writing in the journal or whatever method you may utilize. It requires believing in their content.

A comic once said, “do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” Today, consider that same question, consider the content of your prayers! Do you believe in what you are saying to God?

Do we believe the promise of 1 John 5:14-15?

One way to examine your prayers is in your reaction to the threats of the world. If you’ve prayed for protection, will you trust in your Protector when fiery arrows are sent your way? If you prayed for healing, are you walking in your healing? Will you believe God for the provision you’ve prayed for? We should walk away from our prayer time relieved and free. We believe God, right?!

The Lord tells us that His words won’t return to Him void. Our prayers shouldn’t be void as we send them to Him either. We must believe in the words we pray. We must believe in the God to whom we pray. We must believe Him for His promises. We must believe in who He is! As we pray His will, as we pray His word, as we pray His promises, He will respond!

Do you believe the prayers you are praying?

Fill your prayers with faith!

Peace and Blessings


This Christian walk requires boldness. As a believer in Jesus Christ, the world tells us that everything we believe is ridiculous and foolish. And we must turn our backs to the message of the world and submit to the message of the cross.

What a bold stance.

Boldness is a key characteristic of a follower of Jesus Christ. We must go against the grain and stand when the world tells us to bow: bow to our jobs, bow to sickness and disease, and bow to sexual immorality.

We must be bold. We must look in the face of everything that contradicts our faith and declare that we will believe God over what we see, over what they say, and over what they do.

So how do we be bold? How do we turn our backs to this world and it’s way? We visit the throne of grace:

Our boldness comes from the throne that sits our Father and His Son. The throne of grace is where the mercy and grace we so desperately need in order to be bold for Christ. The throne is where the confidence rests that is connected to our boldness. The throne is what we face we are trying to avoid the world and it’s ways.

The throne is our focal point. This is how we be bold. This is how we take our bold stance. This is how we focus on the message of the cross.

So continue to stand strong. Continue to press forward in a world that is calling you to compromise. Continue to follow the purpose Christ has placed inside of you.

Continue to be bold for Christ.

Peace and Blessings

Hello Overcomer!

Dear Overcomer,

Congratulations, you survived! We know that at times you’ve made some questionable choices and just some downright bad decisions. Sister, those choices and decisions do not define you.

The enemy did not win. You won. You made it through. You are an overcomer! Every door that has closed in your face did not destroy you. Every hurt, pain and frustration has been placed under your feet. The enemy tried to steal everything you hold dear. The enemy tried to kill you but you were saved from the snares of the enemy, you are an overcomer!

We know that the past has not been kind and that life has not been a crystal stair but here you are, still standing, still breathing. The difficulties of life have made you stronger, wiser, and prepared for battle! You are ready for whatever may come your way.

So no need to hide in shame any longer. No longer do you have to omit parts of your narrative. No longer do you need to feel like you are not good enough. No longer do you need to feel like you aren’t strong enough.

Do not believe the lies of the enemy. You no longer need to look back and you can look forward with optimism and confidence! The blood of Jesus Christ saved you. Your testimony empowers you. You are an overcomer!

Peace and Blessings,

Just a sister helping another sister.