The Never-ending Mission…

Ministry is service.

Some of us are in children’s ministry, some serve behind a pulpit, others may lead Bible study or teach in other capacities. Ministry is work. Ministry is never-ending work. The fact of the matter is, you are always a minister of the Gospel.

There is an pandemic occurring and the world is in need of the Healer. You are the conduit with your service.

Consider the exhortation from scripture:

Preaching isn’t just about standing behind a pulpit. Being a minister of the Gospel is all about living out God’s Word. Churches are closed but the mandate still stands. Limitations are in place but the mandate still stands.

We must preach the Word in season and out of season. This is where witty ideas and inventions are birthed. How can you minister even in times such as these? This is your never ending mission. Your service does not bow to any pandemic. You do not retire from your ministry. Your work is not done until you are called to rest and await the return of the Savior.

Be prepared to minister the Gospel at all times. Reprove. Exhort. Rebuke. Technology is available. Your next door neighbor needs the Gospel. There is a child in your sphere of influence that needs your ministry. There is an senior citizen who needs the light within you. Your co-workers needs the hope that never disappoints.

Ministry is service, it is your service. It is your never-ending mission.

Peace and Blessings

Draw nigh…

Nigh. Near. Close.

These directional exhortations from scripture tells believers where to be in proximity to the Lord. If you are wondering why you aren’t hearing from God, if you are wondering why God feels so far away, it may be your positioning.

Position can be from a physical or spiritual perspective. Are you not connected to life-giving relationships? Are you focused on everything else but God? Is your heart far from God? Your positioning is everything.

You want to hear from God, draw nigh. You want to experience God, come close. You want see the work of the Lord, draw near. Your positioning will change your perspective.

Soak in the Word. Surround yourself with life-giving community. Fill your eye-gates, your ear-gates, and your heart-gate, with life and not death. Seek the Lord in prayer. Fast. Draw close to the Lord and He will draw near to you, that’s His promise to you.

Draw nigh to the Lord. He desires you. He wants you. Heed to His desired postioning for your life.

Peace and Blessings

The Battle Is Not Yours…

It’s the Lord’s! Many of us has heard that in one context or another. And it is true!

Indeed, the battle is not yours. However, that does not mean that there won’t be a fight. Birthed from 2 Chronicles 20, there was indeed a battle. The Israelites had to stand together and trust in the Lord, and they won!

Who is standing beside you in the midst of your battle?

More can be accomplished together than apart. Let’s consider the story of Moses, Aaron and Hur.

The Israelites and Amalekites are battling one another. Joshua was sent to fight. Moses was sent to stand. So with the Lord’s guidance and direction, Moses held his staff in the air to help the Israelites.

Any time Moses held his hands in the air, the men of Israel would start winning the fight. But when Moses put his hands down, the men of Israel began to lose the fight. After some time, Moses’ arms became tired. So they put a large rock under Moses for him to sit on. Then Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hands in the air. Aaron was on one side of Moses and Hur was on the other side. They held his hands up like this until the sun went down. Exodus 17:11-12

Who is your Aaron and Hur? Whose on your team when things get rough? Who is holding up your arms? Who is praying for you, fighting alongside you, standing alongside you?

In this culture of YOLO, DOLO, and SOLO, it’s fashionable to fight alone, however, it is not wise and it is not God’s design.

Armies won (and win) together. Moses had Aaron and Hur. Joshua and Caleb. David had Jonathan. Jesus had Peter, James and John. You, my sister, aren’t any different. Sis, the battle is not yours.

Much is accomplished in the context of community. Look at your past victories. Chances are, there was an Aaron, Jonathan or Joshua there, holding you up, sending you encouragement, praying for you. You don’t have to look hard for them, when you stand and fight, some will flee, others will stand with you.

So give your Aaron and Hur a call, tell them thank you, remember to hold up their arms, and pray for their strength!

Your battle is not yours sis but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fight. Just know that the Lord has well-equipped you for the victory.

Peace and Blessings