Bold Beauties…

Have you heard about the daughters of Zelophehad? You can read about them in Numbers 27. These bold beauties were at risk of losing their land due to their father’s death and the fact that he had no sons. They would have to give their father’s land to his brothers, their uncles. This was the law of the land at the time. Essentially these sisters bucked against the system and pursued the land for themselves. And long story short, they won and changed history.

Sisters, our boldness doesn’t end there. Your stance can change history. When we choose to stand against tradition, and pursue the will of the Father-we, too, can change history. We too are bold beauties! Maybe you aren’t fighting for your father’s inheritance but you see wrong occurring at your child’s school. Maybe you see injustice in your community. Perhaps you recognize outdated traditions in your church. It is time to stand boldly for the glory of God!

We are commanded to come before the throne of grace-boldly!

It’s time to stand boldly our beautiful sister and change the course of history and break the bondage of tradition! It’s time to walk right up to the throne to pursue the will of God! You are a trailblazer!

The daughters of Zelophehad simply wanted a place to live. Their stance received the approval of the Father. Perhaps He was waiting for someone to change the tradition of the times, He was waiting for someone to say “yes Lord, I will go!” He is waiting for you to say “yes Lord, I will go!” He’s waiting to you to speak up, He is waiting for you to have that courageous conversation!

The enemy will tell you, your voice doesn’t matter and he is a liar. Your voice matters and your boldness matters!

Be bold beauty, you can change the course of history!

Peace and Blessings

Dethroned: Fear

Fear cannot reign nor can it rule. Do you hear the Lord? Fear is not from Him. It can exist but it is not eternal. We all have something we are afraid of but it cannot have authority. Fear may be a natural response but we have supernatural power. The supernatural trumps the natural each and every time.

Let’s not give fear supernatural power, let’s not make fear an authority figure in our lives, and let’s not allow fear to sit on the throne of our hearts! Let’s be bold sisters! Let’s overrule the fear that tries to take root in our lives.

The Lord must be ruler, Master, and Lord over all of our lives. He is the One who frees us, He is the One who determine that power, love and a sound mind shall rule, and He is the One who has all power and authority in His mighty hands. Let’s toss fear at the feet of Jesus. No longer are we afraid! We are free-Hallelujah!

We don’t fear what will come: the future is in the Father’s hands. We don’t fear a repeat of our pasts: it is finished. We don’t fear our enemies: they shall be our footstool. We don’t fear Satan and His schemes: We, in Christ, have the victory!

Dethrone fear sisters! Let’s make sure that Christ alone sit on the thrones of our hearts and minds.

Peace and Blessings

Give It Up!

We can all think of an instance where we decided to just give up. We got frustrated, maybe we got distracted, or perhaps the task we were trying to accomplish got moved down the list due to life’s circumstances. Either way, we just gave up! Consider this however, maybe giving up isn’t a bad thing. Maybe the very thing we decide to walk away from will place us on the path to something better or maybe Someone better.

In Matthew 19 (and throughout the Gospels), we see how the disciples have given up everything to follow Christ: “Then Peter answered and said to Him, “See, we have left all and followed You. Therefore what shall we have?” Matthew‬ ‭19:27‬

The disciples just gave up-their families, their worldly possessions, their fleshly desires-to follow Jesus. What will we forsake for His sake?

We serve a merciful and kind God, who knows that our children and spouses and families are the desires of our hearts. Perhaps He isn’t asking us to abandon them to follow Him, but He is asking that we abandon control and pride to follow Him. He is asking us to forsake ourselves for His sake. He is asking us to serve and care for our families from a surrendered place as oppose to a position of control.

Will you go even if your family does not? Will you renounce the Lord if your sister or your mother does? Are we willing to forsake for His sake? Are we willing to give it all up for Him: the satisfaction of our flesh, the perks of that promotion, that 20 year friendship?

The reward that awaits is so much greater than anything we can ever give up:

Peace and Blessings

The hiding place…

“There he came to a cave and spent the night in it; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” 1 Kings‬ ‭19:9‬ ‭

The Lord’s inquiry about Elijah’s location was more than physical. He wanted to know why Elijah was there. He wanted to know why Elijah was in hiding. Elijah recognizes the intent of the Lord’s inquiry:

“He said, “I have been very zealous (impassioned) for the Lord God of hosts (armies) [proclaiming what is rightfully and uniquely His]; for the sons of Israel have abandoned (broken) Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. And I, only I, am left; and they seek to take away my life.” 1 Kings‬ ‭19:10‬

Elijah was tired, friends-Spiritually, physically, and emotionally. His words tells us that he was weary, he was doing everything right and he was still dealing with strife and enemies. Doesn’t his reasoning sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself telling the Lord how tired you are? Have you ever ran and hid from doing what the Lord called you to do-because you were tired or scared? It’s hard to judge Elijah when we may have respond just like him in our weary state.

There was a promise awaiting Elijah and there is one awaiting us on the other side of our hiding place:

The harvest is awaiting you, sister! On the other side of exhaustion, on the other side of your weariness-the harvest is there! Elijah’s harvest was found in hearing the Lord’s voice, Elisha, and the promised remnant that was devoted to Him. The harvest was beautiful for Elijah and your reward is sweet as well!

Let’s consider the model presented in 1 Kings 9. The Word of God tells us that our reward is hearing the voice of our Amazing Father, receiving help for the task ahead, and a community of support. When we work hard for the Father, we can reap the harvest He has for us. We have to step out of our hiding place. We have stop hiding and seek out the Father.

Evaluate your location: What are you doing here? It’s time to come out and get your harvest!

Peace and Blessings

What’s in a name?

“Trust God to be God…” Author Unknown

Such a powerful message! We cry out how much we love God. We exclaim about how much He is our Lord and Savior. We shout about how powerful He is, how amazing He is, and how He holds the whole world in His hands. But then we try to plan, we try to “help the Lord out” by doing it our way, and relying on our knowledge and power. Don’t fret, it’s not too late to recognize the power behind His name! We can began to fully trust in the name of the Lord.

Let’s try it out this way:

Imagine if we trusted God to be God. Imagine if we trusted Him to be all He said He is! Oh how our worlds would shift! As you trust Him to be God over your life, you will begin to feel the foundations shaking! You will see the barriers begin to fall, you will see the mountains move! We will say His name, but will we trust in the power of His name?!

We know His name? Now, let’s trust in His name! He will not fail.

Peace and Blessings

Wednesday Prayer Session!


Watch over the sister reading this prayer. Lord, we know that You are our place of refuge and safety, please keep this amazing woman safe. Lord, she is yours-may You show Yourself as her Father. Lord, she needs You-may you continue to supply all of her need according to Your riches in glory. Lord, she has cares and concerns-may you give her the desires of her heart as she delights herself in You.

Father, may she fall in love with Jesus each and every day. May Your Holy Spirit continue to guide her in all truth and understanding. And as she tries to understand what’s going on in her life, as she tries to understand what direction you have for her-may she lean not on her own understanding, acknowledge You in all her ways, and she will begin the right path for her life.

Father, build up this amazing woman reading this prayer to be a powerhouse for the Kingdom! Continue to strengthen and protect her from the snares of the enemy. May she continue to seek Your face above all else.

May Your love overwhelm this beautiful sister!

In Jesus Name, we pray. Amen.

Peace and Blessings

Joy in Trouble…

Almost sounds like a oxymoron, right? Joy and trouble seem to be natural enemies of one another, surely the two cannot co-exist, right? Well, the Word of God tells us differently:

The Lord and His infinite wisdom gifts us with joy in the midst of our anxieties and worries. Yes, sister, there can absolutely be joy in trouble. Matter of fact, the Lord tells us to rejoice in sufferings! Joy in trouble produces much fruit: Endurance. Character. Hope. (Romans 5:3-5)

Anxiety does not have to be the final diagnosis. Restoration, freedom and healing is available. Trouble is not the end of the story. Trouble don’t last always. Worries do not have to weight us down, there is Someone who will carry the load.

Joy is in the journey! As we progress forward despite the weight of the world, as we seek out healthy coping mechanisms and courses of treatment-there is joy waiting for us. The Lord is waiting for us with arms full of joy. As we seek His face, He is showing us that joy is available for all whom desires it’s fruit!

No matter what we are going through, His comfort can bring us joy. Yes, there is joy in trouble and it’s found in our Father through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Peace and Blessings

The Beautiful Exchange…

When we give the Father our cares, concerns, anxieties, worries and fears, this is what the Lord Almighty hands us in return:

We get peace. We get protection. We have a Savior who will stand guard over our hearts and minds.

This beautiful exchange carries more weight than any anxieties you can bear. This amazing gift is worth more than any care you may carry. The beautiful exchange saves our very lives and it improves our quality of life.

The Father desires all of our weight, we were never intended to carry the burden of the world-or our worlds.

Hand the Father your world and watch Him give you life.

Peace and Blessings


Have you been running on empty? Have you been wandering aimlessly? Have you just felt dry? Here’s a promise for you:

Surrender that dry feeling unto the Lord! Surrender that weak feeling to the Lord! Surrender that lost sense of direction to the Lord!

He wants to restore you, guide you, and give you that Living Water! He is here for you no matter how rough things may get. We must seek His face for his reviving water. We must pray to experience is refreshing presence. We must have faith that the ever-flowing spring is manifesting in our lives.

Your words have power, sister. Declare this promise over your life right now. Declare that your prayer life is ever-flowing, your finances are ever-flowing, and your joy is unstoppable.

And as we declare this truth, may we see our garden, our well-watered garden, full of faith, love, joy, and peace.

Peace and Blessings


What’s at the seat of your heart? Whatever or whomever is there, must be de-throned so that the Lord may take His rightful place. You may say: the Lord is at the seat of my heart. But are we sure? What takes up most of our time? What rules our minds? What comes out of our mouth?

Without our knowing, Jesus can be de-throned for: fear, anxiety, depression, family, friends, work, extracurricular activities. Our well meaning devotionals and Christian activities can also replace the Savior at the seat of our hearts. The good distractions and the bad ones-all can de-throne Jesus.

We don’t have to cancel the Youversion app or quit working out. We know that we have to care for our families and we have to work but these things cannot replace the Savior. All of our doings must flow from the Savior! The issues of life flow from the heart, but what’s at the seat of our heart?

It’s time to assess and replace accordingly. The Word of God tells us that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow:

The knees of fear. The knees of your family and friends. The knees of anxiety. The knees of sickness. The knees of our workplaces. They all must bow to Jesus! Envision your heart as a chair-who is sitting there? What is sitting there? Tell that thing or person that they have to go! We replace as we praise, we replace as we worship in spirit and truth, we replace with fasting and praying, we replace with reading the Word of God. From there, all knees will began to bow.

Fear, depression, and work all have to bow to Jesus. Their time of ruling and reigning is now over-no more Sister! No more will you get worked up over the silliness of others. No more will we get worked up over the reactions and words of others-Jesus leads and governs our being! Their rule is over!

In Christ, we live and move and have our being. Anything else must have a seat!

Peace and Blessings