Just Believe…

We believe that our cars will get us to and from our destinations.

We believe that the chair we sit in will hold us up.

We believe that our homes will still be standing when we get back to them.

We believe that our loved ones will come back home every evening.

And perhaps we take these things for granted and perhaps we don’t, either way, we just believe. And we have seen each one of the above mentioned items fail us in some shape, form, or fashion. We’ve seen cars not start, chairs break, homes destroyed, and loved ones pass on.

And yet, the One whom have never failed us, we struggle to believe. We struggle to find faith in ALL His promises. We struggle to stand on His Word no matter what we see. We believe the naysayers over the One whose word has power. We believe our eyes over the One who created them.

Will we just believe? No matter what we see, no matter what anyone says, we will simply believe our Father? Our Creator? Our Source? Our Savior? Will you let His Word stand above all others?

Just believe in the One whom is eternal. Just believe in God Your Father. Just believe in the One who saved you, redeemed you, and restored You. Look at His body of work, is it not enough to just believe?

Believing will change the generations behind you. Believing will birth that business, that home, that ministry. Believing will impact your friends, your family, your neighbors. Believing helps you wait for His glorious second coming.

Just believe and let the truth for Abram, be the truth for you:

Peace and Blessings