Built (Christ) Tough!

Have you ever heard the phrase “Built Ford Tough”? This phrase has typically been subscribed to Ford trucks because…they’re big! They are pretty sturdy and made with steel. Their wheels are big-simply massive.

Traditionally, when people are considered tough, they, too, are described in similar fashion. Think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He’s massive and for men, he’s probably considered to be the prototype. For women, perhaps it’s someone like Serena Williams-she’s perceived to be a force to be reckoned with.

Supernaturally, however, the Lord does not look at the physical to perceive one’s strength. He doesn’t look at muscles, height, or athletic ability. We should be thankful for that! The Rock and Serena are unique human beings-and so are YOU! When the Lord looks at strength or maturity, let’s consider this verse:

Gentleness will win every time! Let’s strive to be built Christ tough! It’s kindness, patience, and love that demonstrates strength. Think about the world we live in? Do we need another person to yell? No. Do we need another “strong” opinion? Absolutely not. We need gentle responses to wrath. We need soft responses to anger tones. We need love as Satan, author of hate, roams the Earth seeking whom he may devour.

Woman of God, as you engage in this spiritual warfare, be built Christ tough. Be kind. Be gentle. Speak the truth in love. Choose silence. Choose love. Choose to smile instead of frown. Choose to be patient.

Know that the love you show to others, the kindness to show to others, the prayers you pray, the hospitality you show, the choice to be submissive to the Lord and your husband, the care you give to your household-this is what makes you strong! The tears that flow, the joy you show, and the quiet beauty you possess-these are demonstrations of true strength!

Mighty daughter of the King, know that you are built CHRIST tough! And this is stronger than any natural strength you could ever have!

Peace and Blessings

The Sowing…

Let’s start by saying: there is NOTHING too hard for God, Amen? Amen!

But sowing is not easy work. It takes concentration, focus, and intentionality. Sowing often yields a beautiful creation-when completed with skill and love. This is how the Father worked when He created us-when He created you! He was intentional, He was careful, and He was focused. It says so in the Word:

You as the finished product is just as important as the time and tenderness the Father provides to you as He created you. When sowing, if one detours, if one uses threads that don’t match-it disrupts the creation, the finished product. One doesn’t sow with their eyes close, they are careful and driven.

You, beautiful sister, deserve attention, care, and focus. The Father deemed it so! This is vital to our identity as children of God. The world wants to tell us that our very creation is a “random assignment”. Oh no sister! The Father knew full on well who we were going to be!

He carefully designed the beautiful shape of our faces, our lovely hair, and our unique skin color. He knew every line of our fingerprint, the curve of our fingers, and the careful placement of the freckles on our skin. His intentional design of our ears and nose was not by chance but on purpose.

Sisters, know that the Father knitting you in your mothers womb, matter just as much as His finished product. There is nothing accidental or random about you-we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Peace and Blessings

Dethroned: Insecurity

Did you see what the Lord said about you?! You are all together. You are beautiful. There is no flaw in you.

Let’s dethrone that ugly characteristic of insecurity, comparison, and that false sense of beauty. You are beautiful in every way because you are hand crafted by the Father.

Let’s not allow comparison to steal our joy. Let’s not allow the world to define our security. Let’s not think another sister’s beauty diminishes ours! Denounce the lies of Satan right now, he is the father of lies and incapable of truth!

Tell insecurity to have a seat, it has no place to sit where the Father desires to be. Tell insecurity that it will no longer have us compromising when our Father does not want us to settle for anything less than His best! Tell insecurity that we are defined by our Creator, the Lord God Almighty. Simply put: tell those insecurities to shut up!

When we are secure in who the Father says we are, we will combat those insecurities that lie deep within us with the Word of God. You are defined by your humility, your capacity to love, your joy, and your consistent choosing of patience, peace, and strength. Your security isn’t found here, it is found in God through Jesus Christ. Your self-worth is defined by what was accomplished on the cross and by Christ’s victory in the grave.

Sister, you are all together, you are beautiful, and because you are handcrafted by the Father: there is no flaw in you.

Peace and Blessings

The Beautiful Exchange…

When we give the Father our cares, concerns, anxieties, worries and fears, this is what the Lord Almighty hands us in return:

We get peace. We get protection. We have a Savior who will stand guard over our hearts and minds.

This beautiful exchange carries more weight than any anxieties you can bear. This amazing gift is worth more than any care you may carry. The beautiful exchange saves our very lives and it improves our quality of life.

The Father desires all of our weight, we were never intended to carry the burden of the world-or our worlds.

Hand the Father your world and watch Him give you life.

Peace and Blessings

Fruit(s) of Failure…

Almost sounds like an oxymoron-failure birthing fruit. How can failure, which can be interpreted as the end of a thing, birth anything? That is the beauty of our Savior, there can be beauty behind a closed door!

“Better is the end of a thing than its beginning…” Ecclesiastes 7:8 Failure is often associated with the end of something or opportunity, like the denial of a job or denial of an opportunity. However, consider this perspective, what was the Lord protecting you from? What if this moment of perceived failure was God’s protection? The fruit of failure can very well be God’s protection. We have a desired plan and path but we must trust more in the Creator of our path.

As one journey ends, it creates room for another to begin. A denied job opportunity could be God’s direction. As He steers you away from one thing, He is directing you to another. Imagine this moment of perceived failure being fruit-full. Re-imagine this moment of that closed door as being God’s good thing for your life.

Failure can birth so many lessons learned! Failure can lead to the true understanding of repentance. The fruit of failure can birth an deeper understanding of submission. Failure teaches you how to get up again. It can lead to endurance, character, and hope-these are the fruit(s) of failure.

Our failure leads to His glory!

Reshape that moment of failure, reshape that end, that closed door, and the denial of that opportunity and know that it places you one step close to learning how the Lord, your God, is your strength and your portion, forever.

Peace and Blessings

The Beauty of Our Feet…

It’s sandal season right? Even in the midst of COVID 19, women all over the world are making sure that our toes are ready to be shown! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

We must remember that our feet serve a bigger purpose than being wrapped in the cutest sandals we can find. Our feet are used to deliver information. Our feet are used as tools of guidance, leading us in the direction we decide to go. Are we using our feet to bless or curse? Are we using our feet for gossip or goodness? Are our feet being used to flee evil or run to it?

Scripture tells us the direction in which our feet should go:

We cannot miss the spirit function of our feet. The Lord in His infinite wisdom have designed our bodies with specific intentionality. How beautiful are your feet? Do you bring good news? Do you publish peace? Do you publish salvation? How beautiful are your feet?

It is our mission to remember the beauty of our feet. It goes beyond wearing designer sandals or making sure that you have on polish. The Word of God reminds us that our feet should be the tools we use to deliver comfort, to promote peace, and to extend joy. We must preach the Gospel and our feet are the tools used to do so!

This extends beyond the physical presence of feet, this is about the spiritual function of our feet! We cannot miss the exhortation, our whole bodies, even our feet, are used to the glory of God. Think about the last call you received from a friend? Did you encourage one another! Did you deliver the good news to one another? Or was it to gossip? Did you promote peace?

How beautiful are your feet?

Peace and Blessings

Move On…

Spiritually, mountains can represent many different things. Maybe for you, it’s a relationship. For another, it’s a place of employment. For someone else, it’s an attitude or a past situation.

Maybe your mountain is the career where you are making tons of money. Maybe your mountain is the relationship with the man of your dreams.

Sis, you’ve stayed here long enough, it is time to move on…

Everything that is good to us, isn’t what God has for us. The man of your dreams may not be who God has planned for you. Maybe that hurtful moment in time should be used to propel you forward.

You’ve stayed long enough, its time to move on…

The children of Israel were instructed to move on. The Lord had massive amounts of land promised to them. The mountain wasn’t their promise. And this is true for you too!

Camping around the mountain may be comfortable, but it’s a distraction. The mountain, although it may be beautiful and massive, it is blocking the promises God has for you! There are greater things in store for you! You’ve stayed here long enough, move on!

Move on from that past relationship that hurt you tremendously, God is waiting to manifest that promise of healing in your life. It is time to move on from that career that isn’t in God’s plan for your life, there is a promised gift of fulfillment that awaits as you live out your purpose. Move on from that closed door, an open one awaits.

You’ve stayed here long enough, it is time to move on to the promises God has for your life.

Peace and Blessings

/pərˈfekt/ beings…

Perfect, adjective, /ˈpərfikt/: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
Perfect, verb, /pərˈfekt/: make (something) completely free from faults or defects, or as close to such a condition as possible.

Many believers attach themselves to the adjective form of perfect. Some, unfortunately, think that perfect is shouting right, singing on key, and having the flyest church hat. Those things are nice but they will not get one into heaven. Perfection can only be ascribed to One being and that is definitely not us while in this world and in this flesh.

We, dear friends, are /pərˈfekt/ beings. By the blood of Jesus Christ, we are made completely free from faults or defects. No matter how fly your hair is, no matter how great your job is, perfection is not the goal, being perfected should be! Christ perfecting you is all about His sacrifice, His ministry, and His love. There is no amount of perfection that can be obtained outside of the Master’s hands. There is nothing in this flawed world that can create you into a perfected being.

Being the /ˈpərfikt/ Christian is not the same as being perfected. Being a perfected Christian is all about laying yourself at the feet of Jesus, crying out to Him to be made whole and complete. It is all about humbling yourself before the Father, leaning on Him for all of your needs. Being perfected, is all about Him increasing, and you decreasing.

Subscribe to the verb form of perfection. Allow Christ to do His perfect work in you and through you. It’s not about having the right clothing on, it’s about what you are clothed with. Being a perfect being is not about outward beauty, it’s about inward beauty.

Don’t get caught up trying to be perfect, be willing to be perfected. What He starts, He completes.

Peace and Blessings