Improve to be approved…

We, as women, are always looking for a way to improve ourselves. We connect with the latest fashion, the latest hairstyle, or try out the latest exercise movement or diet. Staying relevant helps to connect us with our community. And trying out the latest fashion, hairstyle, or exercise may prove to be just what we needed to get healthier or become rejuvenated.

We improve to be approved; approved by our spouses for that extra spice or simply ourselves to strengthen our confidence and add an extra pep in our step.

However, let’s consider this from the spiritual perspective? Do we ever seek out to improve to be approved by God?

Let’s make this important caveat: God approves of you already. He loves you exactly as you are. There is absolutely nothing you can do to make Him love you even more than He already does. God’s love is gifted to you as you become His.

Approval carries a different definition when considering our faith. Approval is about bearing the wisdom and discernment to properly handle the word of truth. And improvement, from this perspective, is all about strengthening our knowledge of the word of God:

We improve to be approved as appropriate handlers of God’s word! Your education level and your church attendance has nothing to do with your handling of the word of God. It’s all about what you do AFTER Sunday’s service!

As believers, we must correctly handle and divide the word of truth. How can we be ministers of the Gospel but unable to accurately discern the word of truth? There are lost sheep waiting to hear and learn about God’s word.

So we study. We read. We pray. We fast. We surrender to the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. We humble ourselves. We repent. We receive sound, biblical teaching. We hear the Word. We do the Word.

So strengthen that walk, appropriately season that talk-improve to be approved!

Peace and Blessings