Yes, He will!

Yes, He will.

Have you ever declared this over your life? It’s such a powerful statement. It’s a declaration that can change your life.

Say it with me: Yes He will!

What are you believing God for? What has He whispered late at night? What desires rest in your heart?

The world screams at you and works hard to denounce God’s promises over your life. The world subtly questions the truth you’ve heard from God. The world tells you that God won’t provide. It tells you that God won’t protect you. It tells you that God won’t heal you. It tells you that the dream will never happen. These are lies straight from the pit of hell.

God has such great plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11)! When the world starts to scream these things at you, you scream back: Yes, He will! You scream it back with your boldness, with your walk and talk, with your faith, with your life. When the voice of the enemy is shouting at you, you shout back: I know God will!

Because He will. He can. He desires to do so. He wants to see His children blessed. He wants you to live and not die. He wants to see you prosperous. He wants to see you whole, healed, delivered and set free. My dear Sister, just believe.

Peace and Blessings