To The Nazarene:

“Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” John 1:46

People have written you off because of your last name, your first name, or your skin color. People have questioned what good can come from your mother, your father, or your hometown. People have wondered what good can come from a single parent household or a child who struggles in school. Just maybe people are thinking what good can come from someone who have physical limitations or mental health challenges.

No matter the “Nazareth”, the answer is a resounding YES! There is good that comes out of Nazareth!

Sister, no matter your lineage or what city you come from-the answer to their question is yes! Your past doesn’t define you. Your academics, your career, or your choices don’t stamp who you are. You are who the Lord says you are: Overcomer, More Than A Conqueror, and Wonderfully Made.

Let’s see at Jesus. Nazareth was not an astute place. Mary and Joseph were not royalty. And Jesus did not come from riches. And yet, He is the BEST thing that has came out of Nazareth!

So boast about where you came from because Jesus thought enough of you to see you through. Tell the story about your heritage Nazarene, you are living proof of the good that comes out of your Nazareth. Tell them about the One who is the Victor of your birthplace. Do not be ashamed of your story, your history, or your ancestry-there is good that has come from who you are and where you have been.

Jesus is the stamp of your journey. He is the beginning and the end. He is the author and finisher of your story.

So the next time someone asks-can anything good come from where you are, from where you have been-give them this response Nazarene:

Peace and Blessings


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