The Road to Well: The Way

When we aren’t feeling well, we are trying to find the answer to this question: How do I get better? What’s the way? Think about it-when we are dealing with the common cold-we wonder which brand of medicine will work. We wonder which remedy will get us better. This is also true for those aches and pains that aren’t so visible.

What’s the way? It’s the million dollar question. And we have the answer!

The Way is Jesus Christ. He is the road to well. Last time we discussed how exhausted is a stop on the road to well. Now, we are discussing how Jesus is the way to well! We don’t have to wonder if we go to the left or the right, we simply follow Him and He will make us better, He will make us well, and He will make us whole.

So dear sisters, we no longer have to feel lost or direction-less, there is a Savior for that and it is Jesus Christ! We seek Him out in prayer, we connect with like-minded believers, we fast, we praise His Holy name-these are the things that set us in the right direction. Rejoicing and worshiping the One and True Living God is how we transition from feeling bad to getting better to being well.

There is no way to wellness without Jesus! So follow Him, His hand is extended to us-we just have to grab it. His shoulders are prepared for our loads. He is the Living Water for the journey. His voice is the only map we need. And the hem of His garment shall make us whole.

If you are hurting, in pain, or heartbroken-He is the Only One that knows the way because He is the Way.

Peace and Blessings


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