Blessed by the best…

Blessings are usually equates to what we have, what we obtained and what we have received from the world. Ah, but the Lord defines blessed in a different, more beautiful way:

Your material possessions do not determine your blessings. Your ability to preach or sing or quote scripture doesn’t determine your blessings. Amazingly enough, your faith is your blessing meter! Mary is decreed blessed because she trusted in what the Lord was doing in her life. She trusted in what the Lord said to her by way of the angel.

You are blessed by the best because you believe in the Word of God. You are blessed because you know that God is not a man that He should lie. You are blessed because of your faith that can move mountains! Your blessed state isn’t the size of your bank account, it’s the size of your faith!

Mary was decreed blessed before she became pregnant with Jesus, she was blessed because she believed.

And so are you…so go on with your blessed self! 😉💜

Peace and Blessings

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