Dethroned: Insecurity

Did you see what the Lord said about you?! You are all together. You are beautiful. There is no flaw in you.

Let’s dethrone that ugly characteristic of insecurity, comparison, and that false sense of beauty. You are beautiful in every way because you are hand crafted by the Father.

Let’s not allow comparison to steal our joy. Let’s not allow the world to define our security. Let’s not think another sister’s beauty diminishes ours! Denounce the lies of Satan right now, he is the father of lies and incapable of truth!

Tell insecurity to have a seat, it has no place to sit where the Father desires to be. Tell insecurity that it will no longer have us compromising when our Father does not want us to settle for anything less than His best! Tell insecurity that we are defined by our Creator, the Lord God Almighty. Simply put: tell those insecurities to shut up!

When we are secure in who the Father says we are, we will combat those insecurities that lie deep within us with the Word of God. You are defined by your humility, your capacity to love, your joy, and your consistent choosing of patience, peace, and strength. Your security isn’t found here, it is found in God through Jesus Christ. Your self-worth is defined by what was accomplished on the cross and by Christ’s victory in the grave.

Sister, you are all together, you are beautiful, and because you are handcrafted by the Father: there is no flaw in you.

Peace and Blessings

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