First fruits

Everyone has a “primetime”-that time of day when you are at your optimal best. For some, it’s the morning and others, it’s the evening. During this primetime, you get an large task accomplished-whether it’s cleaning or working out. We typically commit our primetime to the task that may be most challenging or tedious.

We may call that our primetime, we can also refer to it as our first fruit. The best part of our day is given so that we can get the job done. What about our relationship with God? What part of our day do we commit to Him? Do you give the Lord the firstfruit of your day? If we don’t, we should. Lets look to the Word:

This is not to say that we should not honor the Lord with our whole day, continuously praying and seeking His face. However, it’s that set apart and special time that transforms us and our day! The best parts of our day positions us to hear Him clearly. The first fruit is the sacrifice of our day and time to place Him first in our life and the center of our hearts. And looks at what the Lord gives in return?! “…Barns that are filled with plenty and vats that are bursting with wine.”

The Word of God charges us to seek His face early in the morning and to meditate on His Word day and night. It’s the first fruits that tells God that He is worth our best. It’s not about the length of time, it is about the quality of time. We must position ourselves to spend quality time with our Father. And as we submit our best to Him, as we become intimate with our Savior, we are prepared to receive His best! There is power is handing the Lord your God, the best part of you. He longs to be close to us all as we are His children and the apple of His eye.

Let’s honor the Lord our wealth and first fruit: it’s so much more powerful than our money-it’s about our time.

Peace and Blessings

5 thoughts on “First fruits

  1. I love this and all of your posts. You are very encouraging. To be honest, this is one of the disciplines I struggle with at the moment. I work overnight and it feel like my days are short. On my off days, I definitely give God my first fruit of my day.😊

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